Home sweet Home

HI! Nice te meet you! How’ you been?

A warm welcome to hopefully the blog you are looking for.
I am what they call a busy bee, with perhaps a few too many hobbies.
But we only live right now, so what can I say?

Sooooo… this blog is about all kind of things, litterly about everything and nothing. Just like we can be anyone and no one, sometimes even at the same time. Life throws us many suprises and I love to talk about them. Well, I got to go: ‘cheers to live life’.

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Inside information

Thanks so much for stepping by!

Here are some details about me:
* I am a young woman in my twenties
* I was born in Holland
* I study art therapy
* I’ve got a pair of creative brains
* I love to read, as much as I love to write
* & along many other hobbies, I love to travel

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