My plan

Hey there,

Glad you’re here!!
If you went through a break up recently or going through a rough time. I’m here for you now.
I, myself, decided to be okay with being sad, but also to change it into a powerfull energy to achieve my goals.

For those moments when people buy it that the cold and windy weather is the reason for your tears.

For the moments that you seem to drown in your own tears, and you’re on your own.

For the moments that a particular song is on the radio and you have to hide your face in your hands and turn away.

For the moments you try to smile but all you feel is your heavy heart that is cracked and broken.

For the moments you think it is not gonna pass by. That the feeling will stay forever.

For the moments someone asks if you’re okay and you just nod. Cause that is what they want to hear.

For those moments, we need a plan. A plan to hold on to. Through rough and good times.

I present to you rompompompompompom…..


I made a list of the things I want to do within now and a year or something. I made that list the day after I felt broken and cried till I was out of tears. I was actually just sad, but it only came(comes) out in anger. So that was the moment that I came up with this list. I needed to do something with my anger and wanted to make it positive. I want to show myself and the world that I can achieve goals on my own. That I have the power to do what no one thinks I CAN do.

And I challenge everyone who ever reads this, to do the same! Because you are great, powerfull and full of  unknown energy. There’s so much more you can reach, once you truly believe in yourself. And you are the only one that can prove that to yourself. SO stand fierce, look inthe mirror and tell yourself “I will make you happy”. Cause happiness is something we can reach, something we can plan, by doing what we love and want.

This isn’t my bucketlist, but just a list of things I want to do to feel better. I want to get over someone, and to recover from some other things that happened.
I want to improve myself and make myself proud. Cause no one else can make me lucky. In the end we  have to do it ourselves.

That was my post for today. If you want me to write about a certain subject or if you have any questions. Please let me know in the comments.

Have a great night! And I’ll be around.







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