How to survive mental breakdown(s)

Hey there,

here is my early December post. I will still write the ‘How to make it in 2019’ post:).

As you might have noticed, I started reading more of your blogs again, but I still have a huge leck of time, so I’m very sorry if I missed some of your great posts and stories. PLS forgive me!

I decided to write this blog since I went through some, let’s say, heavy sh*t. Do you know that feeling when one day you’re sad and cry yourself to sleep? But the next day is even worse, while you thougt it couldn’t get worse. I happened to face those days. And I’m not proud of the way I (didn’t) handle it. Those are moments that feel like my feelings take control over my brains. I wanna break everything down and step out of it. Eventhough I know that the next day it will probably all be better.

But since I dissapointed myself a lot of times and have been ashamed of my behaviour towards myself (and not telling others), I thought I should write down some steps, that might help in those moments when nothing seems to matter anymore.

  1. Write a letter to your beloved ones. Tell them how much you love them, how you went through everything together. Tell them what you love about them and tell them all about the moments you wouldn’t have wanna missed.
  2. Gather pictures. Pictures of family or friends or animals. Pictures of things that make life worth it. Your hobbies and interests. You can put them in a map on your computer, you can print them and hang them up or make a collage. You can look at it before you go to sleep. So you fall asleep with happy thoughts.
  3. Imagine your dream future. Who are in it? Where are you? What are you doing.? What will you be doing? How come you are so happy? Fantasise all the way you can, especially when you try to sleep. Cause it brings you mind in a positive spirit. You can also daydream if you want. But you can also choose to believe that one day, after a lot of hard work and trying, that that fantasy might actually really come true.
  4. Make a ‘lovely’ box. Put your best memories in it, sweet letters form a friend, a nice compliment, write down the goals you achieved. Maybe a 4 leaf clover.
  5. Write a letter to yourself in 5 years. Imagine yourself being five years older. Tell your 5-years-older self all about how far you got untill now, what you think and hope that you achieved by then. Ask yourself questions you can answer within 5 years. Not only will it let you focus on the future, it will also be great to read back in 5 years. To see how you changed or how you didn’t change. What you achieved and maybe how answers turned out different than you had expected.
  6. Make a wish bottle. Write your biggest wish on a paper, roll it up and put it in the bottle. I had a necklace with a tiny wish bottle, two of my wishes came out and I’m waiting for the 3d one to happen. I don’t think it is miracle that they came true. I think that when you believe in them and are willing to make things work and put effort in it, they will work out eventually.
  7. Write it off. Weather you post it or not, you will feel a slightly relieve when you write your story down. The words will no longer be just stuck in your head. They will be in a document or on paper. If you don’t want anyone to ever find out, you can delete it or burn the paper. But I would advise you to keep it, so you can read it again later and see how you grew.
  8. Watch netflix. This one might sound stupid but its Simply distraction from your emotions. You can let yourself dive in the story and forget about your own life for a while. It gives you some time to get back to a more relaxed state of mind.
  9. Lit up some candles. Turn of the lights and focus on those little lights. It might remind you of your own situation. When it feels like the light is out and you have to turn it on, but you dont have enough energy to do so. But you will see that those little lights are enough for that moment. You just have to accept that that is all you can give at that point. And the next day you might be fully overloaded and be the sunshine yourself.
  10. Hide. I find it comforting to be totally alone. I have a small closet with a matrass and blanket and a huge teddy bear. Thats where I hide myself when I dont wanna talk to anyone and try to figure out my emotions. Or you can also crawl in bed under the blankets, you can scream in your pillow or hit your pillow.
  11. Flee. In stead of fighting you can also flee, take a walk. Walk litterly away from your problems. Take some distance. The fresh air might help you find a way to become calm(er). And the distance might give you a better perspective.
  12. Dart. This one might sounds a little cliché, but I found out it can really help you get rid of your frustration. Everytime you throw an arrow you can pick something you hate and think or say it while it hits the dartboard. And if you really really hate someone or something you might pin a picture of him/her/it. But hopefully that person will never walk in to your room;).
  13. Talk if possible. If there is a person you can just talk with (no screaming, no fighting) and explain yourself to. Maybe a best friend or even a pet. It is good to speak out whats on your mind. It will help you progress.
So my beloved reader, this is what I could write about it, till now. I hope you found those options somewhat helpfull. And if you have more options I should add to the list, please do let me know! Have a lovely weekend and maybe we’ll meet again in my or your next post! Xoxo Susanne

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