How to make it in 2019✨

Hello to my lovely readers, for the last time this year. The first month I wrote more than 1 blog again per month, since a while. It feels good to blog more, especially cause I can attend to one of my hobbies. It gives me some feeling of freedom when I can make time for it and actually manage to do it.

But lets start with what this post is all about: hoe to make it in 2019 (eventhough the home page of my site still says 2017😱). Lets start on the count of one, two,… THREE *exciting voice*

O plan. Make a plan, work on the plan and follow the plan. It sounds so d*mn easy but it isnt for most of us. So you gotta start with an easy to reach type of a plan. Simple steps that will lead you to small improvements. And those simple plans will help you achieve bigger plans (and improvements) eventually.

O live. Go for it. Say yes. Take the chances, take the risks. Let yourself go sometimes. You can get lost,cause you will find your way back. Accept the adventure. Be spontaneous. Live in capital letters: LIVE. Take it all, you don’t have to win, but experience will make you a wiser person.

O be o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l. This is probably gonna be the 1001st time someone tells you that there’s only one of you. That no matter how much you compare yourself to others, you can’t change the fact that you are you. And once you accept this,you can find your strength to motivatie yourself to develop yourself farther and to show people who you are. THat you are different,original and not just simply following the rules and trends.

O grooooOW. and never stop growing. For you will become a wonderfull fullfilled flower. Just don’t stop growing, untill you stop breathing.

O give yourself time. Good things take time. Bad things take time to recover from. You owe it to yourself to give yourself the exact time you need to make good things happen or to recover from bad things that happened.

O take some distance. Try a helicoptre view or look through someone else’s eyes. Another view might give you a better and clearer look on things. Or maybe even stoptalking to someonefor a little while, take the litteral disctance to clear your mind. It’sokay to step away from trouble, you can come back later to make things better.

O make a portfolio. I’m sure you achieved quite some things already and you will accomplish even more of your goals in the future. And let’s be honest, what’s a better motivation than a portfolio that shows you what you already did and achieved? Wich you can also show as promotion for your work.

I gues that’s it.’*dramatic drumm play* The very last post of 2018. I hope you sort of liked it and I would like to know what your tips are for 2019☺️!

I wish you all happy holidays, a merry Christmas, and a wonderfull 2019!✨

Lots of love,





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