What is pretty?

Hey there, how are you doing?
So here is my monthly post, and today is about the definition of pretty.
Cause if it’s about pretty, we mostly let the people around us define when we are pretty. That one girl who likes your long eye lashes. That one boy who likes it when you untie your hair. That one girls who loves you style. Your mom who tells you that you are het pretty girl. That little kid telling you it wants to be as pretty as you when it’s older.

But at the end of the day, it is about what makes us feel pretty. Is it that shower scrub, the workouts in your garden, the promotion you got, the challenge you accepted, the way you styled your new room or the way you look when you finally buy yourself that burger you’ve been looking forward to all day. You see, the point is, ‘pretty’ is mostly mistaken by ‘perfect’, but being pretty is about the way you are, the way you act and the way you feel, not about the way you look. I think it’s time to stop letting the world define how we have to be pretty. Let’s find our own way to feel pretty and be pretty.

I think that when we forget about the others. When we are on our own dancing on our favorite song. When we sing in the shower. When we do some poses in front of the mirror. When we try to touch our elbow with our tongue. When we try to look cute for that one crush. When we try on several different outfits and end up wearing the first one of them. When we see a dog walking on the street and we could swear it was smiling at us. When we see a stranger waving at us and we smile and wave back. When we jump in the deep. When we cross a bridge. When we look at the sunset. When we drive home with loud music. When we jump very high cause we are (way to) enthusiastic. When that one kid runs away and we can’t help but to smile at the kid and feel (just a little bit) sorry for the parents running the streets. When we are invited to a party we thought we would never join. When we go somewhere new and wonder how we could have lived without it in the past. When you finally see you friend after a long time(or just one day). And when we buy the thing we’ve been saving for a life time long.

That should be the new pretty. The wonderful, the beautiful, the inspiring, the amazing and the lovely us. Alive and well, everywhere around us. Even on our bad days we are still pretty in our own way. Even when no one seems to notice it, there will always be someone liking you, seeing the pretty. And maybe it doesn’t matter if they see t in your eyes, in your behavior, in your dance moves, in your song, in your hair or in your kids. As long as we hold on to the pretty and don’t lose it out of sight, we will all be pretty fine.

We are pretty when we look good and dress nice. But why would we let others define what beauty is for us?

That was it for this month. Hope you (kinda) liked it. Any opinions on the definition of ‘pretty’? please let me know. I hope April turns out to be a good month for you. And I’ll be back.

Till we meet again!


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