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Inside a woman’s brains

Read what goes on inside my mind. As a young woman, trying to be myself, knowing there for I first have to find myself. In a big world, where it is easier to judge than to actually have an opinion. Meet the online writen version of Me.

Okay listen. Oh no wait, I meant hear me out, by reading this text. My name is Susanne, but people call me Suus. And I gotta admit the nickname makes me feel more loved, eventhough I am very satisfied with the name my parents chose and I think it suits my character. Anyways, I am 21 years old when I write this, it is the end of February and I had no intention to start this writing. I got overwhelmed, found out there is a more likable way to design my Word documents and then I got enthousiastic. Like girl, what?! You actually really do not have a life, now do you? Yes I do. I live in the Netherlands, which makes me an official Dutchie. But I don’t feel like one, since I was raised in Belgium on a farm.

This is a random tattoo I designed, during my foreign internship in India

And am now about to move to a student house in the city. I think in America I would be called a college student. But I pretty much still feel like a teenager trying to figure out how the world keeps on turning. I kinda feel like an all around the world type of girl, half city-half village. A towny farmer girl? I have certain aspects of a feminist, but I will fight for human rights, no matter what gender. I have no clue what professional job will eventually be my proffesion. But for now I know I am doing all I can to get the very best out of myself and people that (at some point) let me in. And as if it is not hard enough to figure out my own behaviour, I am currently focusing on children with behavioural issues.

As much as I love to help others, I do realise that it is always a risk to flee for your own problems. Because in 2021, knowing what you want and who you are, no longer seems to be enough. Challenges don’t stop when they are out of your sight, issues don’t solve once you shed your tears, and words are harder to be found than ever before in history. We need people, but meanwhile they are our biggest risks. The trust, bounding, and I hate to bring it up, but most of it all starts with love. Love is pretty much the most bizarre structure that our human bodies are made of. Only sometimes the ability to show emotions that are involved, seem to be to far away on the background to be noticed.

This. THIS is my very start over of this blog. Me realising that I don’t have to delete the past, to start a new beginning. I’m gonna put the past where it belongs, behind me. And I bring the happy memories and beautiful moments with me, as a shield for negativity. And when I look back, I realise how far I’ve come. Eventhough there is a long path ahead of me. I need to take the lessons I learned into the future that is unknown. I’m not gonna make my life perfect, but I’m gonna chose the feeling of hapiness, even if it is just for a second. Because you know you are really happy, when you can’t capture your actual feelings in the framing of a picture. And in the end, that is what your life is all about. Right or wrong?

Smiles and tears,


Being the big sister

Hey there! A new post of an old concept. I only saved the title, for over a year ago. And now I had the time to write the post. Enjoy (I hope, at least)

I started off as being an only child for almost ten years long. Or should I say ten long years. I begged my parents to get me a brother or a sister. I imagined my life being complete when I had nine baby sisters and ten baby brothers. That image is still in my head, me feeding them two by two. But that dream faded away after my mom got pregnant and shit got real. We had a book that showed the development of the baby and we read it every weekend. I was so amazed and found the baby interesting.

When my sister was born, at first they thought it was a boy. So for like a minute I thought I had a baby brother. But insteas, a sister she was (and is, Thank God). And she has made my dark days so much brighter. I gave her the bottle, changed her diapers and sang songs when she couldn’t sleep. I held her when she cried or made her laugh. Maybe she was the first person I accepted for being who and how she was.

Weheartit: Susanne

Of course it came with issues. Not so much for sharing attention, but more for being the big sister. When there were adults, I was the little kid. When there were kids my age, I became another kid. But most of all I felt like an inbetweener. I was not old enough, and at the same time I was to old to be hanging out with babies all day. I wasn’t allowed to act like a mother, but I certainly had an age where I could teach them something.

Eventually I got one more sister, and I couldn’t be more greatfull for the both of them. They mean the world to me and I would do anything for them. At some point we’ve been going through the same shit, aka divorce. But meanwhile our youth couldn’t be more different. Some things or subjects are not to be discussed with childeren of my sisters’ age. But then again I wish my parents would have discussed those things with me. Kids need to be involved, always.

I’ve always felt like taking care of the little ones. Coming up for the rights of others; making sure life is fair. Now I see that is not my duty. My job is to show the people I love, that I am there for them. Make sure they know I am available for whatever they wanna say or ask (or discuss). And for the rest I intend to have a whole lot of fun. I dont need to be wise all the time, even though I am the oldest. I told my sisters I will go to the clubs with them or be their ride. No matter what happens next, I will be there. My connection with my sisters feels so real; I know it is irreplaceable. It’s something between the three of us. And to me it feels like no one could ever break that down. And they will always be my little sisters, even if they grow taller than me.

Please let me know how you feel about this subject. Age differences, family relationships, etc. Is there somethings you would like to hear more about? Or something you wrote that I should defenitely read?

Let me know!!!

Xoxo Susanne

What is pretty?

Read about how we let others define the word ‘pretty’ and how we can change the rules we live by.

Hey there, how are you doing? This is my monthly post, and today is about the definition of pretty. Cause if it’s about pretty, we mostly let the people around us define when we are pretty. That one girl who likes your long eye lashes. That one boy who likes it when you untie your hair. That one girls who loves you style. Your mom who tells you that you are het pretty girl. That little kid telling you it wants to be as pretty as you when it’s older. Continue reading “What is pretty?”

A love letter I’ll never send

In times of stress, I found an old love letter named ‘the heart minds’.

Hey there, long time no see. I’m still very alive, only more busy than before (if that’s even possible). My health is kinda letting me down. I have almost daily headaches and my tummy hurts a lot of the time and then there is the feeling of being dizzy and wanting to throw up. And it is all because of the stress. Well let’s say STRESS! Maybe it’s just school or other shit going on, but I can’t wait for it to pass by. This is also the main reason why I didn’t post my blog in february (yess I remember promising to post every month haha). *apologizes frequently*


While I was going through my notes I found this text I wrote, and named ‘the heart minds’. It was a good reminder for me, since I can be holding on to negative feelings when things are not as delightfull as they used to be. So this text was an eye opener for my relationship now, it made me think. I realised how much of a difficult type I can be. I know it is because of my health and stress that I can not handle my emotions very well all the time. I am finding ways to deal with anger (like excercising and darts) and am now looking for ways to reduce my stress (already tried like a thousand things, but the key is to never give up, right?). So here I am, an unhealthy wreck of a stress bomb, posting a love letter (I probably won’t send to the person it is about). Isn’t it ironic?! Anyways I hope you like it and it means something to you in any kind of way. Feel free to let me know what your opinions are on this.

The heart minds

They say nothing is forever. That everything comes and goes like waves. But I will prove them wrong. Because this is a feeling that can not die. It can not fade. It is always there and will not leave. Cause you have got a place in my heart. And for as long as my heart is ticking these feelings will remain. No matter what happens. You make me feel more alive than before. My life is a lot more valuable with you in it. It went to a next level, including feelings. Feelings I did not even know those feelings existed. But I feel them. I carry them. It makes it brighter. And it is all because of you. We started off with quite some differences. But now I see the things we have in common. I see how we match. You make the difference. You are special to me. No words could explain how far my feelings for you go. Or how much you are worth to me. I try to tell you sometimes. But it is probably best visible when I look at you and smile for no special reason. Just becaus you are there. When I get a text from you and people say they already know it is you. Because you make me smile. Even when I think I am not able to smile in some moments. You know how to calm me down. While no one ever managed to do so. You give me a peacefull feeling. I am comfortable around you and more relaxed. And because of all that you are probably the one who can get me mad and sad. Cause if you hurt me, even when you don’t mean to, it makes me scared to lose you. Cause I can not live without you. I can not even imagine you not being in my life. I do not want to imagine. I never want to lose you. And even if I do for some reason, I will never stop loving you. You are in my heart for always and forever. And if there is an afterlife I truly hope you are there too. I will wait for you there. Forever yours.

Lots of love,


After two glasses of wine

How two glasses of wine make me overthink and meanwhile realise what I want out of life.

Hey there! So it’s 22:11 and I had two glasses of wine. Red wine if you want the details. I’m at my boyfriend’s place. We watched a movie and sometimes I closed my eyes, because I am tired as hell. But I don’t wanna be a cry baby again, going to bed way too early for my age.

The happy girl

So two glasses of wine and when I look at myself in the mirror of the toilet, all I can do is overthink. When I go out, alcohol makes me happier, but when I do not go out it can make me way more sad. Like it tries to drag me down in my sadness. Makes me question myself and everyone else around me. When all I wanna do is just be the happy girl. Cause that is how people like me. Happy. When I make a dance for no reason, feel hyper active and think I am the happiest girl in the world. But unfortunately those moments never last that long. But I guess I just gotta live with that, right? That is life. It will never be just the ups, it is made of many downs too ( maybe even more). But the bad stays longer in my mind than the good, the happy. I want to be that happy girl. To appreciate all the beautiful, amazing, wonderfull, good and other positive things, people and situations. I want to be that girl that found out a way to be lucky. To avoid or ignore the negative. To embrace the joy and hapinness and never let it go. Cause the world could use some positive vibes to make the pain fade (temporarily).

That girl

I wanna be that girl that decided to go for it. To make the dream she had in her head for like seven years already, come true. That is my life goal. I wanna be something to the people around me, to the world even. I already mean something to them, to some I mean a lot, to some nothing. But here is the thing: no one of us will ever be liked by everyone. There is always an enemy trying to make you lose faith. Always a jealous type trying to steal you away. But by the time they wanna get to you. You will have grown so strong, without them noticing. They thought they could handle you. But turns out nothing can beat your hapiness. It is not luck, it is bravery that will get you there. And once you are there, you won’t lose it. Cause it is to good to let go.



How to make it in 2019✨

Just a teenager thinking she has some advice to take over the world in 2019.

Hello to my lovely readers, for the last time this year. The first month I wrote more than 1 blog again per month, since a while. It feels good to blog more, especially cause I can attend to one of my hobbies. It gives me some feeling of freedom when I can make time for it and actually manage to do it.

But lets start with what this post is all about: how to make it in 2019 (eventhough the home page of my site still says 2017😱). Lets start on the count of one, two,… THREE *exciting voice*

O plan. Make a plan, work on the plan and follow the plan. It sounds so d*mn easy but it isnt for most of us. So you gotta start with an easy to reach type of a plan. Simple steps that will lead you to small improvements. And those simple plans will help you achieve bigger plans (and improvements) eventually.

O live. Go for it. Say yes. Take the chances, take the risks. Let yourself go sometimes. You can get lost,cause you will find your way back. Accept the adventure. Be spontaneous. Live in capital letters: LIVE. Take it all, you don’t have to win, but experience will make you a wiser person.

O be o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l. This is probably gonna be the 1001st time someone tells you that there’s only one of you. That no matter how much you compare yourself to others, you can’t change the fact that you are you. And once you accept this,you can find your strength to motivate yourself to develop yourself farther and to show people who you are. That you are different, original and not just simply following the rules and trends.

O grooooOW. and never stop growing. For you will become a wonderfull fullfilled flower. Just don’t stop growing, untill you stop breathing.

O give yourself time. Good things take time. Bad things take time to recover from. You owe it to yourself to give yourself the exact time you need to make good things happen or to recover from bad things that happened.

O take some distance. Try a helicoptre view or look through someone else’s eyes. Another view might give you a better and clearer look on things. Or maybe even stop talking to someone for a little while, take the litteral disctance to clear your mind. It’s okay to step away from trouble, you can come back later to make things better.

O make a portfolio. I’m sure you achieved quite some things already and you will accomplish even more of your goals in the future. And let’s be honest, what’s a better motivation than a portfolio that shows you what you already did and achieved? Wich you can also show as promotion for your work.

I gues that’s it.’*dramatic drumm play* The very last post of 2018. I hope you sort of liked it and I would like to know what your tips are for 2019☺️!

I wish you all happy holidays, a merry Christmas, and a wonderfull 2019!✨

Lots of love,



How to survive mental breakdown(s)

Hey there,

here is my early December post. I will still write the ‘How to make it in 2019’ post:).

As you might have noticed, I started reading more of your blogs again, but I still have a huge leck of time, so I’m very sorry if I missed some of your great posts and stories. PLS forgive me!

I decided to write this blog since I went through some, let’s say, heavy sh*t. Do you know that feeling when one day you’re sad and cry yourself to sleep? But the next day is even worse, while you thougt it couldn’t get worse. I happened to face those days. And I’m not proud of the way I (didn’t) handle it. Those are moments that feel like my feelings take control over my brains. I wanna break everything down and step out of it. Eventhough I know that the next day it will probably all be better.

But since I dissapointed myself a lot of times and have been ashamed of my behaviour towards myself (and not telling others), I thought I should write down some steps, that might help in those moments when nothing seems to matter anymore.

  1. Write a letter to your beloved ones. Tell them how much you love them, how you went through everything together. Tell them what you love about them and tell them all about the moments you wouldn’t have wanna missed.
  2. Gather pictures. Pictures of family or friends or animals. Pictures of things that make life worth it. Your hobbies and interests. You can put them in a map on your computer, you can print them and hang them up or make a collage. You can look at it before you go to sleep. So you fall asleep with happy thoughts.
  3. Imagine your dream future. Who are in it? Where are you? What are you doing.? What will you be doing? How come you are so happy? Fantasise all the way you can, especially when you try to sleep. Cause it brings you mind in a positive spirit. You can also daydream if you want. But you can also choose to believe that one day, after a lot of hard work and trying, that that fantasy might actually really come true.
  4. Make a ‘lovely’ box. Put your best memories in it, sweet letters form a friend, a nice compliment, write down the goals you achieved. Maybe a 4 leaf clover.
  5. Write a letter to yourself in 5 years. Imagine yourself being five years older. Tell your 5-years-older self all about how far you got untill now, what you think and hope that you achieved by then. Ask yourself questions you can answer within 5 years. Not only will it let you focus on the future, it will also be great to read back in 5 years. To see how you changed or how you didn’t change. What you achieved and maybe how answers turned out different than you had expected.
  6. Make a wish bottle. Write your biggest wish on a paper, roll it up and put it in the bottle. I had a necklace with a tiny wish bottle, two of my wishes came out and I’m waiting for the 3d one to happen. I don’t think it is miracle that they came true. I think that when you believe in them and are willing to make things work and put effort in it, they will work out eventually.
  7. Write it off. Weather you post it or not, you will feel a slightly relieve when you write your story down. The words will no longer be just stuck in your head. They will be in a document or on paper. If you don’t want anyone to ever find out, you can delete it or burn the paper. But I would advise you to keep it, so you can read it again later and see how you grew.
  8. Watch netflix. This one might sound stupid but its Simply distraction from your emotions. You can let yourself dive in the story and forget about your own life for a while. It gives you some time to get back to a more relaxed state of mind.
  9. Lit up some candles. Turn of the lights and focus on those little lights. It might remind you of your own situation. When it feels like the light is out and you have to turn it on, but you dont have enough energy to do so. But you will see that those little lights are enough for that moment. You just have to accept that that is all you can give at that point. And the next day you might be fully overloaded and be the sunshine yourself.
  10. Hide. I find it comforting to be totally alone. I have a small closet with a matrass and blanket and a huge teddy bear. Thats where I hide myself when I dont wanna talk to anyone and try to figure out my emotions. Or you can also crawl in bed under the blankets, you can scream in your pillow or hit your pillow.
  11. Flee. In stead of fighting you can also flee, take a walk. Walk litterly away from your problems. Take some distance. The fresh air might help you find a way to become calm(er). And the distance might give you a better perspective.
  12. Dart. This one might sounds a little cliché, but I found out it can really help you get rid of your frustration. Everytime you throw an arrow you can pick something you hate and think or say it while it hits the dartboard. And if you really really hate someone or something you might pin a picture of him/her/it. But hopefully that person will never walk in to your room;).
  13. Talk if possible. If there is a person you can just talk with (no screaming, no fighting) and explain yourself to. Maybe a best friend or even a pet. It is good to speak out whats on your mind. It will help you progress.
So my beloved reader, this is what I could write about it, till now. I hope you found those options somewhat helpfull. And if you have more options I should add to the list, please do let me know! Have a lovely weekend and maybe we’ll meet again in my or your next post! Xoxo Susanne

Looking back

Today’s post is all about how this year flew by for me and how it made me a better person (who still has to learn quite some things).

Hey you, what’s up?
This post I wanna share with you how I look back on this year, untill now. It really flew by, it all went so fast. Maybe cause I was soo busy woth so many things. But maybe also because I had a good time. But anyways it still feels like it went by too fast. Don’t you think so? If you wanna know how my year went by and things I learned and improved, please continue reading. And if not, I can understand, cause there’s a whole lot more important and funnier thigns to do than actually reading my blog;)

The year is almost finished, and oh how much a life can change in one year. I must say I have a lot of things to be greatfull for, but I also have a lot of things I cry about. I have days where I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world and days where I feel like I’m an empty body filled with sadness and tears. But hey that must be life, right? It’s not just circumstances and things and people around me that changed, maybe I am the one who changed the most. I changed into a girl who makes choices. Who tries to show her feelings who were so long hidden, even when people are sure as hell not gonna appreciate it. I am learning to be myself in every crowd. I talked more while being with a group, than ever before. I learned to chose for myself more often (still not enough). I learned to appreciate things that make me happy, a lot more (I no longer take it for granted). I got my phantasy back and think things through and develop myself. I have my goals in mind, more than ever. I (halfly) worked out some personal shit. And I give myself time to work through the other half. I got to know more new people than ever before. I got an extra person in my life, who’s important to me, motivates me and makes me laugh. I got better at not caring about my looks (just when I go to school). I found love in a person, who can make me easily happy. I found my comfort with animals and made time for them. I made more time for friends and I am trying to make more time for my hobbies (and to work on my carreer and dreams). I started to continue painting my room. I got a two persons bed and changed my room furniture for like 4 or 5 times (too bad). I got my driver license and propedeuse (prove that I passed for the first year of my education of polytechnic). I finished some series on netflix (riverdale, vampire diaries)  and started some new ones (gossip girl, jane the virgin). I went on my first dubbeldate. I started a bulletjournal. I changed my haircut (and will cut it even shorter for next year). I let someone (who broke my heart and claims to still love me) in my life again, for a tiny little bit. Cause I managed to partly forgive him and I am no longer thar angry at him (still doesn’t makeit easy). But if I don’t forgive, i can not expect others to forgive me right? Also this year, I learned a lot more again and got so much more understanding for people’s actions (no matter how bad). I did some workouts (when I didn’t feel bad physically). In December I will write an applicition for a holiday job as a photographer (I’m probably not gonna make it, but I gotta try). And I will get my nails gel polished (first time in my life). I’ll go to the swan lake with my family, celebrate christmas at my boyfriend’s place and go out some nights in the holidays.

So this was my November post. Wether you liked it or not, feel free to comment! I wanna finish this year of blogging with a ‘How to make it in 2019’ post in Decembre. And I was thinking that maybe next year I could do some more series and I really wanna try to write more often, so maybe there will be more posts of me next year:)

Have a nice day!!

I now gotta prepare myself mentally for going to school…



Do all pretty girls have boyfriends?!

Hey there,

It Is Almost Novembre, the year flew by. And I am defenitely the girl who posted not enough. But I was so busy with all kind of other things. Like school, internship, work, driving lessons, baby sitting, workouts and also trying to make time for my hobbies (including blogging). So how about you? How are you doing, how have you been? I am feeling bad about not reading many of your posts! Oh how I wish I could buy myself some extra time to do all the things I wanna do..


Today’s post I wanna talk about the question; ‘ do all pretty girls have boyfriends?!’. And I know it might sound like a stupid question, but it is only because I hear people telling it is the truth. Wich, guys, it is not. And even if a girl looks perfect on the outside, no human being was ever perfect on the inside.

Only love can make the imperfection look like perfection.

So I took this picture underneath, I see what is not good about it, but I still love it. I love it cause it has a story that not everyone is able to see. But I am and therefor I am happy.


So first of all, girls can also have a girlfriend, not kust a boyfriend. So maybe lest kust name them female or male lover so we dont get confused with “just” friends. Second of all: There are so many pretty girls SINGLE! (Little secret: us girls, are all pretty, maybe we dont all have the top modell looks but that does not mean we do not own a designer heart worthfull of the biggest price, named love).


But we do not all want to have a boy or girlfriend. Some of us prefer to be alone, maybe figure some things out. There is nothing wrong with being single, on your own and independent. But it also does not mean that that person is unavailable. It is no sinn to talk to those who want to be single. It does not mean they are unavailable, they chose for themselves. And that is their right. It does not mean they want to be alone. They are still great persons to get to know, who can inspire and make you feel like the world has more to offer.


And some of us are looking for someone to share the rest of their lives with, others just wanna have fun for a while. It can hurt sometimes if you find someone who is not looking for the same thing as you. Differences in timelines simply suck. But that is where you must keep on going, just keep your eyes open and you heart available. And a pretty girl does not mean a girl who is taken.

Cause people break up, so some one can make up.

And it is up to you if you give it a try. But know that a longlasting relationship can be as much worth as one that just started. It is going to take some time to make the flower bloom like it is summer all over again. But it will be worth it.


And there is also the friendzone. Wich sounds negative, but can be very positive.

Cause sometimes a friendship means more than a relationship.

So many friendships last till the end. How wonderfull is it and how greatfull should we be for those who are simply always there to help us out. To make us laugh through tears. And there is always space for one more friend. So if there is a pretty girl, maybe taken, maybe not, you can still be her friend.

So I hope this post meant something to you! If you like to say or suggest something I’d live to hear from you! hope the last two months of this year will be a good closure of 2018! 💫



Morocco in picture(s)

Hey there,

I’ve been away to long. I had the most busy vacation of my life till now. School starts next week and I am totally not ready for it, neither am I looking forward to it. Though I do like to see my friends from school again after the summer break. We have a new class, but the friends I had from last year are in this class with me. So maybe if we are lucky we might even get a very cool close class. Anyways thats not what this post is supposed to be about. It is about my vacation trip with a friend. And the destination was Morocco! So my first stamp in my passport and I hope to get a lot more of them in the coming years. I hope you enjoy the photos. Please let me know if you have something to add, like maybe when you went there too or if you have something to ask.

See you later alagator!



They don’t look lke it, but it is actually kinda diffcult to carry those boards with you. I can’t get my arm totally aorund it, soI decided to carry it on my head.

Paradise valley, the name says it all!

Such a beautiful nature there is, like entering a new world.

I really look like a foreigner here, the temperature was hot, sotherefor I didn’t wear shorts. But the view is great again. And the van makes me look like a real traveler.

THe infinity pool at the hotel, where I practiced my handstand skills and looked at the beach feeling like I was living the dream.

The boards that made it possible.

Me, the flag and the surfers in the background.

The good man gave me his thump up as approval for this picture

We were  way to the beach. THis street had the beautifull walls with flowers on the right and the graffiti wall on the left. And I was trying to pet one of the many cats who walk there.

Just a man on a bike thinking about life, looking at the see in the evening.

When the sun was just gone and we were gonna stay for a long while.

The building in the night; even more impressive.

This picture was taken from a cab, the buildings are so awesome and the palm trees are the finishing touch.

Just a sweet dog in a village with graffiti walls and colourful houses.


The differences in the village.

Entering the big market in Agadir.

Being the tourists, suprised by all the stuff they sell here.

All the species.

Just a stone with graffitit, in Paradise valley.

Beautiful palms.

A coulourfull terrace in the water.


The overcute puppies at the beach house!

Walking in the water!

Some sort of work outs on the beach.

The horse over here looks like a piece of toys!

The dog loves the sea too.

Horses and dogs, sea and sand.

The camel layin next to our towels , when we cameack from surfing.

Waiting for the good waves.

Surf boards, wet suits and beach umbrellas

view from the plane.

leaving the beach at night time after a great night

Me taking pictures of everything, cause I loved it all.

A friend made this cool under water picture of me

When I turned 19 on the 19th

Hello there,

It’s me, the I-just-turned-19-years-old me! Oui c’est moi! I had been counting down till that certain moment. Since 19 is my lucky number, I hope this will be my lucky year. Do you guys have a lucky number? And do you also like it when a friend of yours lives in a house with that number or has a car with those numbers? Cause I defenitely do. I guess I had so much bad luck that I started to hold on to this lucky number of mine. So here I am, the age of my lucky number, but what to do with it? 1 first of all I wanna make it through this school year, though this school sucks I wanna continue and finish it! 2 second I need to take a break, though I have to work and paint my room, and have social stuff, I also really need to relax and reduce my stress (wich is in a way to high level right now). 3 I wanna continue doing things I like, I want to try, even when it scares the hack out of me. I’ve done some things while being 18 (joining a play, start singing and guittar lessons, take driving lessons, improved in my work, went to a concert of the script, joined festivals and parties ) and the list must go on!.

Anyways here are a few pictures of some food, style and decoration on my big day. I hope you enjoy your afternoon and evening amd get to do as many things you like as possible. Keep your head up high guys, sooner or later we are gonna make it.



Festival and holiday Fever

Hey you!

So it’s one of those boring days again, me trying to ignore the teacher who laughs awkwardly and tells us to put away our phones. And I just can’t wait to leave this school. Not just today, but forever. I have no idea if I will make it this year, since my grades are not that great. (And teachers are not willing to help).

But to pep myself and you guys up. Here’s a blog full of good vibes. And inspiration for better days.

If the following subjects have your interest then you might be interested in my pictures as well.

Anklets●bracelets●necklace●sunglasses●outfits●glitter and glamour●nail polish● colours●hairstyle●make up●rings●designs●beach●tattoos

Raise your hands if you’re counting down till the holidays

Just because the pastel colours are hot this spring and summer

In the moonlight it looks like we’re in star dust

Sunglasses and leather jackets

It’s a pink world on a blue table

Princess haircrown

Happy bun

Festival outfit

Summer inspiration designs

Beachy waves vibes

Life is better on the beach

Make up and add glamour

Festival look

Festival fashion

Nail polish and bracelets

Notice the necklace and tattooooooo

Flowers and rings

Fashion waiting for the next festival

So guys that was it for today and this month. Wich almost ended, like WHAT! Another month to fly by and we’re almost half way through 2018.

Anyways I hope you guys are as excited for June as me. *whispers*: because that means we’re closer to the summer holidayyyyyyy. YAY!

Thanks a lot for reading. Hold on and I’ll be back next month!



Falling down

Hey fellows,

Having a good day? I really do hope so!

I didn’t and I even cried. But all you get as a response from people are the words: don’t cry or I don’t like it when you cry. Like what? You think I cry for fun, you think I’m just being dramatic, being a cry baby? You think I see another way but just chose for the crying, for the tears, for feeling terrible? Well suprise suprise I do not.

I don’t see any other way when I feel like falling down. And everytime I get up again I think I will never fall that deep again. But I did and I do, I even fell deeper and harder. But I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t ask for trouble, doubt, fighting, ignorance or hate.

Some things just happen to us. We need to find a way to handle it. And a little support might help us, like a hug instead of an ” I told you so”. Sometimes it’s a strangers’ smile that helps us move on, or a song we hear, a compliment we get or just our inner self that wants to move on and picks up all the power they have to stand up and go on.

Cause it takes courage and bravery to do it how we want it. To dress the way we like. To speak the way we feel. To act the way we want. And to reach for the dreams we see.

It’s about the things that mean the world to us, it’s about the things we didn’t wanna miss, the things that make us so happy that we would be okay if we die. It’s about the risks we take, that always turn out worthfull. The experiences and opportunities that come along. And about all the new beginnings, the second chances. Life never stopped, it only paused. Waiting for us to press play again and make the rest of the movie, the best.

Have a lovely day!

Xoxo Susanne

Love can make a change

Hello my dear reader,

The monthly post is here. And today’s subject is love. Which sounds totally cliché I realise while writing this down. But it’s a monday again so maybe you can actually use some cliché today.

The thing with love is that it always has two sides. A fixing side and a heartbreaking side. And we don’t get to chose wich side we face and when. We meet people that we give a place in our hearts, but sometimes their actions force us to abandon them from our life. But that doesn’t mean that we stopped loving them. Goodbyes simply don’t mean that the love is over.

Love isn’t a thing we say it’s mostly a thing we feel. But not speaking it out can also break hearts. We say ‘I hate you’ a lot to people we love. Cause love can make you feel so attracted and attached to someone that it makes you scared to lose that person. Love is a strong feeling. And a broken heart can make you feel like they broke your world.

That’s why many people are scared to love or to fall in love. People who’s heart has been broken once or maybe over and over again. People who never got over their first love. People who lost someone they love. People who’ve seen love die or bleed. People who lost faith in love.

But maybe deep down they’re just waiting for us to show that love is real and can live forever. It’s not something that will die some day. It’s something very strong that can unite, take away pain, make you see the beautiful things again. Something that can be spread and last for infinity.

It doesn’t just give you the feeling of butterflies in your tummy. It makes you feel like you entered a new world. Like the rest of your life is waiting for you to make it all happen. Like fate isn’t something that only exists in books and movies. Like you can be meant to be for someone or something. Like you have a purpose and a reason to always keep going. Like you can finally see the world isn’t bad, but it’s just waiting for savior. Waiting for people that still believe in the world. People that believe in the goodness of humans. People that dare to give love and not expect it back.

Cause it’s love that can turn lights on when all we see is darkness. Cause it’s love that can make us glow again. Its love that makes us stronger, even though it makes us feel dependent. At the end of our lives it’s all about the love we experienced. Maybe only love can fix our souls.

It doesn’t matter matter where you find the love. For who it is. For what it is. I hope you find the love that fits you, the love you deserve, the love that will make you rise and the love that will make you wanna live forever. Or maybe you’re that lucky to already have found it.

Lots of love♡



Treat yourself right

Good evening my dear followers! If only february had a normal amount of days, I wouldn’t be cheating on my ‘blogging once a month’ concept.

Anyways, As you might have noticed: I’m working on a positive mindset and try to surround myself by positive vibes. I recently found some new things that help me to stay encouraged.

Her are 5 possible morning rituals;

1 Smile at yourself in the mirror. Practice your winking skills ;p. No matter what you dreamed or what you have to face today, encourage yourself with a smile.

2. Put on your favourite song. If you are homealone I would defenitely advice to turn up the speakers and dance and sing along as loud as possible. That would be a full-energy start of your day.

3. Make yourself a cup of tea/coffee. Morning routines like these are important and since you have to drink 2l a day you better start early.

4. Light a (scent) candle(s). It will give you some positive vibes.

5. Do some work outs or stretching. It will warm your muscles and can set your mind free.

And here are 5 optional evening rituals:

1. Write down 1 positive thing every evening. At the end of the week/month/year you can see how many good moments you had. You can also write them on little pieces of paper and role them up, to unwrap them later.

2. Take a selfie after every day at the same spot. After a year you you can see if and how you changed. You can look the way you want on the picture, you’re allowed to show if you had a bad day cause these days are also part of your year.

3. Try a meditation excercise to improve your ‘falling asleep’ process. This one might not be easy and it takes quite some discipline to keep repeating it.

4. Keep a diary/journal to write down thoughts, ideas and feelings, so you can make your head empty and ready to sleep (dream).

5. Make yourself a cup of you favourite tea or some hot chocolate before you go to sleep. If you have to put some effort in the making it will make you feel even better.

Lots of love,


What about ‘Equality’?

Hey dear reader,

I missed out on you again, right? It feels like I’ve been absent on blogger forum for ages. That’s why I decided to blog only once a month from now on. My life gets busier and busier and my leck of time grows farther every day. I’m studying, I work more days a month, I have more party’s to join and events to visit, I work out more, make time for friends, I have one more hobby, I also started singing and guitar lessons, I try to keep up with my other hobby’s as well and I’m seeing a boy:).

So like I said, I’m a little busy haha. So for now lets just blog it! Today’s subject is about something that crosses my mind quite a lot. It’s something that also keeps me busy. I know how many times I don’t do things cause people don’t approve it when I do, while it is approved if others do it. Its because I’m a girl, because I’m to young, because I’m studying, because I have to be the eldest and the wisest sister, because people say I’m the brave and quite girl, there’s always some reason. But fact is that people don’t really know me, they only think they know me. So it’s time to show them, what i really like and really want. And they’ll see the real me eventually. So here is the question: Are we equal?

If we are equal, then why is age an issue?

If everyone is accepted than why are people being bullied?

If we don’t care about someone’s skintone, than why does racism still exist?

If women and men are equal, than why are there jobs especially for men and especially for women?

If equality exists, than why are people judged by their education.

If everyone is equal, than why aren’t all the fashion styles excepted? Why are there still people being laughed at for their style?

If we are equal, than why do the rich have better opportunities than the poor, even when they’re born that way?

If we are equal, than why are girls still waiting for a boy to ask them out?

those things are like, old school. like last Century. those things have nothing to do with the future and they should be in history.
We have to live in equality. We have to make it happen. Us girls are allowed to ask a boy out, to show some guts. And boys are allowed to cry and they don’t have to be strong and tall. The point is that we should all be how we wanna be. We should chase our dreams and encourage others to do so. We can be friends with anyone, no matter what skin tone, no matter what age, no matter what history, no matter which disabilities , no matter what appearance, no matter what style, no matter what hair colour, no matter what mistakes we made, it’s all good.

Let’s spread the equality and make it real and make it happen everywhere.❤

Xoxo Susanne

7 things about ’17

Hello fellows,

Tonight it’s christmas eve. Tommorow it’s christmas itself on another monday. But hey, let’s be optimistic, it’s the last monday this year! What a year it is and was: 2017! How did 2017 treat you? And what do you expect from 2018?

I had great days and bad days in 2017. But it made me stronger, so I’m not gonna complain anymore. Here’s what I learned in 2017:

  1. Trust yourself. You got it all in you. The power , the wisdom. It’s alle there, only you have to believe in it. And you can only do that yourself. Cause no matter how many people tell you, you can do it, you’re gonna have to do it  yourself. Tell yourself that you can do it. And eventually you will believe it, cause you feel it.
  2. Just do it. Nike’s slogan and I’m pretty sure it’s one of the best I ever heard. Because if you want something, just do it. If you really feel you want it, don’t let anyone stop you. You diserve to be happy and there for you’re gonna have to take some risks.
  3. Don’t judge. Never judge someone. Because we really can’t look inside their heads. I got better at this. I’m more and more trying to just get to know people, instead of thinking what they will be like. It’s important to give people a chance, especially when no one else does. I try to see the best in people, no matter how much shit they put me through. I know there’s a reason for it. And that’s probably the only thing that makes me able to forgive them, even when they don’t apologize.
  4. Let people in. Don’t hide. Don’t walk away if they seem to get to close. You got nothing to loose. They may break your heart one day, but what if they don’t and give you the time of your life? You wouldn’t wanna miss that.
  5. Chase what you believe. If you believe in something, don’t let it go. There’s a reason for your believe. Don’t give up when people don’t understand you. Get better, get stronger and prove them wrong. Fight for it. And if they admit it or not, people will admire you for your fight. Stay fierce and keep going. You can only win. Cause losing doesn’t excist. You never really lose. Something might get different than expected, but only to teach us something. It’s never to break us, but to make us stronger. And we will be stronger and we will rise up.
  6. Stand up and speak up. You’re on this earth for a reason. You have a voice to be heard. And a smile to be seen. A body to be showed. And a personality to be loved. Don’t let people get you down. You’re on your way up. You can raise your voice and tell them your opinion. Discuss it, let them know what you think. If people don’t treat you right, let them know. Not everyone realises what they are doing. Give it a shot, can it get any worse than disagreeing with each oher? I don’t think so.
  7.  Make the difference. In my new school I don’t follow the others blind. If everyone has the same opinion, but I think differently, than I’ll say it. Because the world is full of people that do what everyone else does, because they don’t want to fall out. But I’m still in, it actually feels good to have you own opinion and to stick with it. It’s always about my honest opinion. I’m not willing to lie because people might laugh at me. I try to be pure and real. Cause that’s the only way that people can really get to know you. The real you.

    Welll well, what do you think about me now? I might sound like a freak huh? I’m really curious what you learned from ’17. Please let me know one thing in the comments❤.

    For now I wanna wish you happy holidays and a merry christmas. With lots of fun and love!!🎅

    Xoxo susanne

    WHI and Why I love it

    Ola amigos,
    how do you do?

    Today is all about WHI.
    WHI as in We heart it.
    (We heart it is a website and an app)

     Here’s why I 💛 we heart it:

    × everyone can upload pictures and share what they captured

    × it’s about all the subjects you can imagine.

    × you can create your own collections.

    × you can follow who ever you want

    × there are pictures and quotes

    Apparently you can also send postcards. But I don’t  have any experience with that.

    And there’s a new function: articles. Those are kinda like blogs here actually.


    1 homepage. Press the + in pink if you want to upload your picture. You can add text and tags. 

    2. If you love/like a picture/article, you can (just like instagram) double tap on the picture. You’ll see a white heart appear in that picture.

    3. Then if you click on the picture, you can add the picture to a collection. * press the button on the right side, next to the heart button* .You can make you own collections and name them. Other people can follow your account or one/more of your collections.

    4. You can go to your account page to see your uploads, your followers and your hearted pictures. ( I have a lot of those)

    5. You’ll get notifications, if you want, when someone hearted your picture or someone follows you(r collection).

    Yeah I guess that was all I wanted to say. NO WAIT. You can also search for tags, if you have a certain subject you want to see pictures/ read articles about.

    Feel free to leave your name in the comments so I can follow you on we heart it. And if you like, you can follow me too.

    Have a lovely night. And a great weekend already, if you’re lucky (like me)!

    Xoxo Susanne

    5 motivation quotes

    Hey you! 

    Good to see ya! How are you holding up? Could you use some inspiration? Get some extra motivation? Well, wait for it!

    Here’s a few of my favourite quotes at the moment. Those keep me going, cause they help me to stay positive when everything  seems negative 🌵

    1. Make the rest of your life the best of your life.🌼

    2. If you walk through life make this your goal: watch the donut, not the hole.🍩

    3. Sometimes the love of your life comes after the mistake of your life💛.*

    *sorry I never wrote this one down so no picture…

    4. If you never try, you never know.🦄*

    5. Take a risk or lose the chance.⚡

    I’m defenitely in love with those quotes. But also with many more. I just love the motivated spirit, quotes can have. And the fact that it really can make us feel better.

    I also write my own quotes? Do you do that too? Cause it’s fun to do and nice to read when you’re older. You might even read them to your childeren, right?

    So anyways, I hope you have/had a lovely night. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!

    Xoxo🐂( because it’s almost christmas )



    They’re free in the sky.  

    They go all over the world. 

    They fly in their own specific pattern. 

    They’re together and on their own. 

    They notice so many things, though no one realises they do. 

    They don’t want to stay on the same place all the time. 

    They’re symbol for freedom. 

    They get to learn and see so much. 

    They don’t have boundaries they can’t cross. 

    No sea to big to cross. 

    No sky to high to fly.

    I wish I was one of them.

    No lie.

    My plan

    Hey there,

    Glad you’re here!!
    If you went through a break up recently or going through a rough time. I’m here for you now.
    I, myself, decided to be okay with being sad, but also to change it into a powerfull energy to achieve my goals.

    For those moments when people buy it that the cold and windy weather is the reason for your tears.

    For the moments that you seem to drown in your own tears, and you’re on your own.

    For the moments that a particular song is on the radio and you have to hide your face in your hands and turn away.

    For the moments you try to smile but all you feel is your heavy heart that is cracked and broken.

    For the moments you think it is not gonna pass by. That the feeling will stay forever.

    For the moments someone asks if you’re okay and you just nod. Cause that is what they want to hear.

    For those moments, we need a plan. A plan to hold on to. Through rough and good times.

    I present to you rompompompompompom…..


    I made a list of the things I want to do within now and a year or something. I made that list the day after I felt broken and cried till I was out of tears. I was actually just sad, but it only came(comes) out in anger. So that was the moment that I came up with this list. I needed to do something with my anger and wanted to make it positive. I want to show myself and the world that I can achieve goals on my own. That I have the power to do what no one thinks I CAN do.

    And I challenge everyone who ever reads this, to do the same! Because you are great, powerfull and full of  unknown energy. There’s so much more you can reach, once you truly believe in yourself. And you are the only one that can prove that to yourself. SO stand fierce, look inthe mirror and tell yourself “I will make you happy”. Cause happiness is something we can reach, something we can plan, by doing what we love and want.

    This isn’t my bucketlist, but just a list of things I want to do to feel better. I want to get over someone, and to recover from some other things that happened.
    I want to improve myself and make myself proud. Cause no one else can make me lucky. In the end we  have to do it ourselves.

    That was my post for today. If you want me to write about a certain subject or if you have any questions. Please let me know in the comments.

    Have a great night! And I’ll be around.






    The (dis) advantages of a paper round

    Hey there

    I hear you thinking ‘who’s this person?’  and ‘I don’t remember reading any of her posts’. And you’re right, it’s quite some time ago since I blogged the way I did, when I started. But I’ll explain more about that in this post. So if you’re interested and willing to give me one more shot, then please continue reading.

    So I like to blame my paper round for the leck of time I had. And also going to a new school, with lots of homework and studying (freshmen year). And then I started to paint my room white last holiday. Wich I only finished half cause I didn’t have more time left. I’m gonna add some colour later and finish the other half haha.

    But for now I’ll tell you some things you need to know before you decide to start with a paper round. And I’m talking about the early paper round, from papers that have to be delivered before 7am. In my case. So here are the pro’s and con’s.

    pro 1

    the stars and the moon. If you’re lucky and the sky is clear (winter season) you’ll be able to see the stars and the moon very well. And in the summer season you might spot a wonderfull sunrise.

    Pro 2

    Peace and silence.(mostly) in the early mornings there’s just quite. No screaming people, no chasing cars. You actually don’t even have to look before you cross the street.

    pro 3

    Cats. Yeah it’s a cat’s world. You’ll probably spot quite some of them. You’ll even start recognising them. Some will have their same spot every day. But most of them unfortunately run away once you get too close.

    Pro 4

    $. Yeah let’s just say that it makes quite some money, pretty fine.

    Pro 5

    Early days. It’s up to you if this one is positive or not. It’s pretty tough to get out of your bed while everyone’s still sleeping. Unless you’re an night animal. But once you’re really awake you’ll feel proud of yourself. And there’s a whole day left that you can spend how you want. Cause you worked while everyone still slept.

    Pro 6 

    You get to learn some new streets. You improve your memory. Because of all the house numbers you’ll know out of your head. 


    Well let’s not  forget the negative issues you’ll have to deal with.
    Con 1

    Temperature, extreme cold in the winter. The ealrier it is, the colder.

    Con 2

    Rain and snow. Need to say no more right, cause your job is Always outside and the rain won’t  wait till you’re  finished.

    Con 3

     Too early. You’ll hate yourself when you don’t want to wake up. But you have no choice. So you’ll teach yourself quite some discipline. And you’ll go to bed way earlier than normal. In my case that meant I didn’t waste so much time with netflix haha. 

     So I guess that was it. I learned a lot and had quite an experience. I don’t regret it. Though it was too much in combination with a new study. But I think everyone should’ve done this job at least one day. So you know how hard it is. And so we respect all the brave ones that commit to to this job.

    I’ll be back tommorow with a special plan…

    Have a nice day, don’t forget to smile🤗




    Little random update

    Hello there.  And yes I’m still alive! that actually makes me wonder if you guys would ever find out if I died. No idea if someone would let you know in a post of my blog. But hopefully that’s not gonna happen. 
    So here I am again, I had an extremeley long weekend. But I didn’t even spend enough time on my homework…Also homework is the main reason that I don’t blog often anymore. So sorry, though I think you’re pretty  cool without me haha.

    So here’s a few points of my life that you missed (that’s a good thing actually).

    So first this max factor lipstick,   wich is my new love. Talking about love, there’s this guy that made me feel in love and yet I see his name everywhere. And there are lookalikes of him everywhere. So yeah it looks like Im doomed. Or maybe just maybe it might be fate. But I guess that’s just me being too optimistic.

    ​then these ‘drop a-like’ earrings I finally found. AlSo a result of my shopping hours. 

    ​Since I’m doing this paper round, It looks like I have to get over my fear for spiders. As easy as that sounds, believe me when I say Its hard not to scream many times.

    ThenThere’s my hair that acts different every day. Yes very stubborn. Just like me? Haha I guess so yes.

    ​This was all written yesterday… hope that didn’t bother you. I wish you a great day. And I’ll be around!



    Lil’ Weekend update + some style pics

    Hey there, I haven’t been around for some days now. Let’s say I was lost in a ‘survive college’ state of mind. And I was kinda ill. I hope you are doing better!

    yeah well, till now I survived. But my time is so little. I will try to post every now and then a week. My weekend started on friday, but there’s enough homework and studying to do during my weekend. (I’m not even sure if I’ll manage to finish it, because I have two parties planned too).


    That was my weekend post guys. I hope you don’t think I took to many pictures (wich my phone thinks). Please let me know what you thought of this post and if you’re waiting for  a certain ‘next post subject’. 

    Have a good one!



    Me and music 10x

    Hello there. How are you doing? My life became filled with school, homework and bus and train trips to reach school and get back home. And then there’s my paper round, so my alarm is set on 3.45 am everyday (except sunday). So once I’m home from school, I’m pretty tired. I don’t even know how I manage to stay awake during the lessons. And I’m not sure that I can continue the paperround during this school year. But I’ll see how things turn out.

    for now I want to talk about some music stuff. I l-o-v-e music! It gives me meaning for life. I play guitar (beginner level) and write songs myself. But mostly I listen to music. 

    Here’s what I use for my music:

    1 SPOTIFY.  The solution to listen any music on any place, anytime and still being legal. So no more illegal downloads for me actually. It does cost me some money, but you can share your account with someone more. And for me it’s totally worth the money. ( Did I mention how many playlists there are wich you can follow?)

    2 SHAZAM. Well who can live without this one? Because I know many songs but not all of them. Sometimes it’s really hard to track the title. So I love the fact that this app just tells you what the name of the song and the artist is. Also really cool that the song will be added to a shazam-playlist in spotify :).

    3. YOUTUBE. I use this one for some old playlists I made. But also to check out some music videos. And to find out a title of a song, when I was to late/ unable to shazam a song.

    4. RADIO. I have a standard radio station I listen to. But I switch when there’s a song I hate or when I don’t loke the type of music they play that day.

    5. CD-PLAYER. A little more old school now, but I love the CD’s with their case. I love to see the designs and to put them on a shelf on my room. I think it’s cool to show your music identy with real stuff you can hold in your hand. And I totally love t when the lyrics is included. 

    6. LP PLAYER. Yes I have LP’s and I love them. It feels more magical when I play them, than when ai play them on spotify. Though I need spotify when I want to listen to music while I’m cycling.

    7. CASETTE PLAYER.A lot more old school right now, or let’s say retro/ vintage. I just love the style of those casette bands. They’re little but cool. And it’s a good lesson for me, cause I can’t change the song it plays.

    8. NOTEPAD. I can’t live without this one. Wether it’s for a song I want to add to my playlist or to write a lyrics.

    9.MUSIC SPEAKER (S). One of the best feelings is when you hear your favourite song in a great quality. So I really adore my sprakers haha.

    10. GUITAR (AND ACCESORIES). Yeah well as you might guess: to play songs (including my own songs). I do need the music lyrics with the chords.

    So that’s my talk about music for today. If you like I can share my favourite songs and artists in another post. Please let me know what you think of this post? Are you a big music lover too? Could you live without music? And can you relate to what I use for music? 

    I’ll be back!


    Depression confession

    Today’s post is about admitting and accepting a depression.  There’s so many people struggling with a depression right now. Some of them for years and some of them for weeks. But the fact is that they’re all feeling less or more miserable.  Wondering if life is worth all the pain. Wondering if the world wouldn’t be better off without them. Wondering how much more they can take untill they give up. Wondering how many more days they have to pretend that they’re doing just fine. 

    wondering how this could be their plan for life. Wondering if they even have a chance for a future. Feeling unworthy, cause they feel broken. Many don’t want to tell people about it. They don’t want to show their weakness. They don’t want people to feel sorry for them. They don’t want people to be concerned. Cause they don’t want anything more to feel guilty or sad about. Cause when you can’t handle your own feelings it’s hard to deal with the feelings of others.

    but sharing is caring right? But there are two side. The one who’s depressed and the one who should know about it. If you want to tell someone about your depression, you should tell the person you have the best bounding with. A person that you’re sure about wouldn’t judge you or laugh at you. Though you can go in therapy too, it is important to tell someone in your life about it. Cause there will be days when you’re down and if people know your history they can understand you better. And if they understand you better, they can help you better. 

    If you’re not in a depression you should realise someone around you might be. It’s not visible on the outside mostly. So many cry as soon as they’re alone, so many hurt themselves because they can’t take the emotional pain. So keep your eyes and heart open. Let people know they can come to you. Be a person they can reach out to. Cause every little bit of support can save lives.Eventually it will come out. Wether they manage to tell you , wether you find out. Let’s hope it’s not too late then. 

    I can’t tell you how much I hope you’re not in a depression! But if you are and want to talk about. Just know that I’m here for you. Have a good day!



    Saturday’s style

    Hey you? Glad you are here. All alive! Brave enough keep going. And strong enough to keep fighting.

    today I want to show you some inspiration pictures. It’s all about style and stuff. I hope you like these. Please let me know if you can relate to my style!

    ​​I really love washi tapes, I love the little bags and pockets, the quotes about dreaming and traveling, the combination of colours and everything together.

    some of it is designed by me. And mostly not, so that’s why it’s called my inspiration :).

    have a lovely weekend and a great night!♡



    being clumsy and out of the comfortzone

    Hello hello,

    so I had my introduction and had only a few minutes of internet. Elsewise I would’ve posted more the last few days(honestly). So today is about things that made me feel clumsy this introduction week and lots of moments that I spent outside my comfort zone.

    1.Finding out to late that I didn’t get my change at the bar.

    2.Falling almost (like a hundred times)

    3.Leaving my wallet in a bag, at a place that would be closed for a few hours.

    4.Finding out too late (when we left already) that I had still coints to get a drink for a certain bar.

    5. Missing my train, cause I forgot that I have to put a minimum amount of money on my chipcard.

    And then there’s some points where I found myself outside my comfort zone. Well let’s say that I found myself in situations that are not regular for me. I loved it, and I knew I would. But sometimes you simply don’t have the opportunity to do so. But now I had the chance and I took it!

    1.I started conversations with people that I didn’t know.

    2.I danced with boys, where I used to be too shy to really join the dance to the fullest.

    3. I danced my way through a group of boys, I still don’t know where that couradge came from. Cause they were all looking at us. But hey it was fun!

    4.I accepted compliments from some people. Normally I just say that it’s not true, what they compliment me for. But these days I found a way to be just gratefull for their lovely compliment.

    5.I didn’t let anyone make me unhappy. And that’s quite a thing for me, becasue mostly everything people say or do gets to me. And now I just wanted to have a good night, so if someone wanted to ruin that I wouldn’t let them.

    That leaves me to the end of this blogpost. I did another one yesterday, wich I actually wrote a few days ago already. But I didn’t have the internet connection to publish it. So if you haven’t checked it out yet and you would like to, than You can do it here. 🙂

    So I hope you had a good day and enjoyed the weather (wether it was rain or sun). And I hope you got the chance to relax and take care of yourself, so you can start tommorow fresh and reloaded. Have a good night. I’ll be back!





    Mix and match

    Goodmorning! Another brand new day has started( I’m awake for 5 hours already).I’m not the most optimistic person this morning. But I am looking forward to the activities that will fill my day. It’s all school introduction related, but there are some cool sports to do and performances to join! So that makes the tired version of me pretty happy. I’ll get through it haha.

    but the subject of today is mix and match. I will show them to you by pictures of the mix and matches.  I hope you enjoy it :).




    About yesterday

    Well well here I am, alive and well. Are you doin okay overthere? so today I’m gonna talk about yesterday, cause I didn’t blog then, my apologies. 

    Yesterday was My first day on my new school. And my first day of doing a paper round. So here’s about yesterday:

    I stood up at 4.15 and was finished around 7.10. It was very tough cause it was my first time. I hadn’t figured out wich route I should take. And I had to be on time, do I totally stressed out. When I got home I slept on the couch for an hour and then I had to go to school by bus and train.

    In the train there was someone putting on mascara. But not just like that. I think it took her a quarter (yes 15 minutes) to put it on. Every time I wanted to compliment her for her beautiful eye lashes, cause I thought she was finished with her mascara. Anyway it looked very beautiful and she did a good job. Fact is that I will never spend that mich time on my mascara haha.

    I stepped out of the train too early and then got lost cause I was in the wrong city. You’re allowed to laugh at me for me this one. Cause then it made at least someone laugh, cause I wasn’t that happy about it.

    but I wasn’t that late after all. So there’s actually a little sparkle of hope in my life. Cause the introduction speech was about to start when I walked in.

    I met my new class, well the students.  I wasn’t higly enthousiast about it. But it wasn’t dissapointing either. Maybe that was because I didn’t have expectations when I went there, so ot wouldn’t dissapoint me, guess that plan worked :).
    I met some teachers. And I happened to like them! They’re kind and inspiring. And they actually make me look forward to everything that I am about to learn.

    I found out what it’s like on college, and I liked it. The vibe is good, everyone’s social and acting grown up. I felt respected and not judged.

    The day was filled with excercises to get to lnow each other. And the wearher was warm and sunny. But I was lso lucly wearing my summer short and top.

    Did you go to a new school this year? Or are you finished already?is there anything you would like me to blog about? Do you have any farther questions for me? Or comments? Please feel free to let me know!♥



    Today’s hairstyle : me and my sisters’

    Yayyy it’s sunday! The day wheen it’s officially allowed to dress chique and spend some time on your hairstyle.  I hope you’re having a good weekend. Or do you have to work/study all the time? If so that must mean you’re having a break now or you’re secretly on your phone haha. It’s both good to me. You should do what you want, cause sometimes we just wanna act how we feel, right?

    so here’s my hairstyle update post..rapapapapappadadadadam 

    ​So what do you think? Did I pass the ‘sunday hair style test’? I think it’s funny how we all have a braid and a bun without looking the same :). 

    enjoy the rest of your sunday!♥

    and I’ll be back soon



    Mermaid & unicorn style

    Goodevening up there! So how are you feeling? Let me know, let me know ♡

    don’t we all have those days when we wish life would be just mermaids and unicorns. No worries, no war. Just us living a lovely life.

    but sadly that’s not the reality, but here is how I add some fairy tale spirit to my life.

    ​So what do you think about it? Does this make reality a little more bearable? What do you do to add some colour to your life. To add a little magic? Some fantastic fantasy? 

    I’m excited to hear from you guys! Any advice to improve *read: get* my blogging skills?

    keep up, you’re stronger than you think!♥★



    heart speaks, mind writes 

    ​Sorry for being absent for so long. I was feeling kinda down and couldn’t force myself to blog. But I did fogure put what I am going to blog aboit the next few days. I hope you are doing just fine and have a lovely day♥

    What if you find someone that makes you forget all the pain. What if there’s someone who makes you forget your sadness. What if there’s someone that makes you feel like a better person in a better life. What if you shared some moments. And what if you have to say goodbye. Probably for good. What if you later find out that his birthday is on the same date as yours. And you start to wonder if it is meant to be fate. 
    I’m probably an overrated psycho, holding on to tight. Seeing and feeling things that aren’t even there. But what if not? What if this one time I’m right.

    In those moments when I’m tired, sad or weak. I can hardly control how much I miss you. I’m waiting for you to come back while I wipe away my tears. I try to move on and find someone new. But I don’t think there’s someone else like you. I don’t think someone else can make me feel the way you did. I don’t know if I should let it rest or chase it. But my heart tells me to hold on to it. But my mind knows it never worked out before. I’m in doubt, scared to be even more broken, while risking to be fixed.



    One hour left to wait

    Good afternoon! How are you doing?I’m waiting. And I don’t know if you noticed it already, but I’m not patient. But I’m waiting for my little sisters to come home. And they’ve been gone for three days plus a weekend. Yeah I probably sound like a big drama queen. But it just sucks if you can’t visit them when you miss them. Mostly because I’m used to be arpind them at least 5 days a week. So maybe, just maybe you get my point.

    For the rest I’m feeling ill. Yeah so not a perfect combination. But I’m happy because it only takes an hour before I can hug my lil’ sisters. I hope that I’m not gonna cry. But since I’m totally tired, feeling like an emotional wreck and feeling ill. I’m pretty sure there will be some tears.

    But I’m wearing my holiday cap and my holiday perfume, so maybe I’ll manage to stay cool haha. For now I’ll just act as if I have some patience.

    I hope you don’t have to miss someone at the moment. Cause it really sucks. But at least you can be sure you love the person!

    (Im) patient Susanne

    My blue day

    Heyyyyy, cool that you’re here! I know title sounds weird, it probably is weird actually. I found out that my day was filled with blue things. Never really had such a day before, so I decided to name my post after that weirdness. And now I’ll show you the proof!

    ​I wonder what my blue day stands for? Blue from being in the clouds? Or from the freedom of the ocean? Or probably just blue, all accidental haha.

    I hope you have a lovely evening for whats left of it. And I’ll be back tommorow. First I’m gonna join a party, wich I’m really looking forward to :).

    TTY tommorow



    Card + nail ART

    Good night upthere! so are you still up?can’t sleep?Or are you a night human? ​And what about tommorow morning? Early bird or sleepy  head? Well I’m a little of all the above. It depends on what I did that day and what I gotta do the next day. Oh and it depends on my mood. And my mood depends on my well being and luck. Though I wonder if someone would write a book about my life, would the word ‘luck’ even be named?​

    ​Well I don’t know about you, but I think I talked enough crap. Let’s move on to the art chapter. Today I had three little projects. 1 was making a card for a colleague, 2 was making a birthday card for my little sister and 3 was painting my nails haha. Please feel free to tell me wich one you like or dislike.​ Do you make your own cards? Do you spend a lot time and effort on perfect nails? And what type of art is your favourite? ​♥

    ​I guess you can guess wich

    one’s what project, huh?​

    ​I hope you dream nice and have a lovely tommorow!!!



    Today’s style

    Here’s my promise keeper post

    all about today’s style! Well for me then. 

    Afterwards I went to a farm, to help with the milking of cows. So you know what farmers look like right. No pictures of that, though the cows did lool cute haha. But the view of these birds and  the sunset was cool.

    ​please let me know what you think of my blogs. I only just started, so I’m not sure what to think. 

    did you have a nice sunrise or sunset? Or did you help on a farm too today?

    Good night y’all!



    Change of phone and a few new things

    Hello sunshine, so this brandnew day I kinda got used to this different phone. I went from ‘normal’ screen to a small one. So it takes time haha. It’s a Samsung III mini… I guess that says enough, right?

    well this phone at least has a better camera. So I’m gonna add some pictures, as a short photo report. About a few new items and their brands. I actually collect those brand labels, cause I think they’re stylish. Whoah that’s a new one to add to my collection list haha. Hope you enjoy it.

    ​There will be another post today, because I owed you that one (two, actually I’m afraid). 
    Enjoy your day, feel free!



    Todays ~getting motivated~ steps (7)

    Good night beautiful! (sorry I let you down again, by not posting yesterday an the day before). But maybe this post can make it up. I’m going through a rough time and have to force myself to do things that I like (and just have to do). I just lost my motivation for everything, but tonight I’m going out and I’ll hopefully forget it. So here’s about my outfit and my motivation tries. 

    1st thing that managed to motivate me: music. First I listened to the offspring. Then to this LP from ABBA. It’s my feel good music, so many differents stories in those songs and they always manage to make me smile (and sometimes cry). 

    2nd thing that cheers me up is this smell. Bought it this summer in San Sebastian (Spain). It was a shop where they literally sold e-ve-ry-thing. Not that the shop was well organised, but I loved to see how you could find anything there. An all in one kinda shop haha :). 

    3d I dressed up for tonight, like this:

    4th I did my make up. Tried to look a little older by my current look. 

    5th I read my white board with reasons to be happy:

    6th I put a wish in my necklace. My last wish came out (sorry I can’t tell, don’t want the wish to be broken). 

    7th played guitar! Tried to fix my acoustic one, but then it didn’t work so I played the E guitar. Wich was pretty cool too, cause I was home alone and could turn it loud :). 

    So that was it, I got through it. The night out was great and did me good. Though I’ll hate myself when mybalarm goes off in a few hours. And I’ll hate myself while doing my job, cause I’ll be tired and probably still habe a head ache. But then again, it was worth it and I’ld do it all over again. 

    So do you have motivation in the moment? Or are you feeling stuck? Maybe this post gave you a little support, I really do hope so. For now I hope you sleep well, or slept well if you’re reading this in the morning or later on. Maybe you’ll wake up with motivation and see the world through new eyes. 

    Thanx for reading! Please Let me know what you thought of this post, so I can improve! Any ideas for next blogs are also welcomeeeeeee. So feel free to comment! 



    Pain breaker part 4

    Aloha! You might think, why part 4?well that’s because it’s a part of a story.. So you can check out the others. I wrote an English story, I’m currently talking german, cause I’m in Germany. But I’m Dutch. Whoah it’s getting difficult to hear german talk and write English talk. Anyway here we go. 

    Their next days are filled with research, they look for hints everywhere. Eventually they end up at a childeren replacable home. Its on the other side of the country. And the whole road trip is filled with the sound of music. Not a word is said, cause it might be misplaced. Once they arrive, they take each others hand. She’s glad that she doesn’t have to face the truth on her own. But being together doesn’t take away any of her fear. 

    She has the names of her parents written on a small piece of paper. As they enter the building they hear the crying from a kid that has to leave with its adoption parents. Such an irony, a kid taken away from a place that felt like home for him. Now he gets so named new parents, but he loses what he had and built, again. She’s trying not to focus on the tears streaming over the kid’s face. But than she can’t stand it. She walks towards the kid. The kid stops crying and she takes his hand. There’s a little smile coming up as she lifts him up. She looks at him and strokes his head “you’ll be fine sweetheart she says, you’ll make new friends and you’ll have your own parents. You’re days will be full of fun and laughter. You’ll grow up till a smart and strong man” she kisses his forehead and puts him back on the ground. The kid stays silent and walks out the door. Than it looks back and waves at her. She waves back with a smile. 

    She gets interrupted from her thoughts by a soft voice asking her how she can help. She passes on the little piece of paper with her parents’names on it. The women smiles “glad to help” she picks up a box from behind a closet “it stood here for nine teen years now, they wanted to throw it away already, but I managed to convince them to remain patient.” She hands over the box. “thanks a lot” her boyfriend says, while she takes the box with shaking hands. She expected that the people here would have some information about her parents. But she didn’t expect that they would’ve left her something. 

    -to be continued-

    Thanks for reading! Or Vielen Dank oder Dankjewel!! Hahah sorry I had to do that.




    Tonight’s sunset

    Ola amigo, title speaks for itself. Need to say no more, right? 

    What do you think about it?would you stop cycling to take pictures? (like I did). Would you spend your last percentage of the battery of your phone? (like I did too). Do you love sun sets?  (as much as me? Haha). 

    Enough sunset talks . I’m leaving, on a yet plane. Or what about I’m walking on sunshine? No I’ll stop for real. Right know. There. I did it. Proud of me? Haha just kidding. 

    Till tommorow! 



    Say Hi to the new me (including the revealing of my first name) 

    Hey you! Nice to meet you! My name is Susanne (I’m only half anonymous right now). If you really want to know my back name just let me know in the comments. Cause I’m willing to get over my fear *read fear of people I know, finding out I’m actually blogging*. I will now discribe the new me to you. Hope you like her. And if not I’m sorry, but I can’t really do anything about it. 

    🍩 18 years old

    🍩 lives in the Netherlands

    🍩 lives in  a village

    🍩 will travel more often

    🍩 loves music

    🍩 beginner level guitar player

    🍩 has a (part time) job

    🍩 wants to live on a farm with animals

    🍩 living to make her dream come true

    🍩 working on her confidence 

    🍩 trying to be positive 

    🍩 watching (too much) series

    🍩 having to many hobbies and interests

    🍩 single (mostly falling for the wrong ones) 

    🍩 has a big heart

    🍩 has been through some rough times

    🍩 willing to do anything for beloved ones

    🍩 wants to learn so much more 

    🍩 19 is my lucky number

    Well, I got a job to do. Staying like these donut points haha. But I think I’ll be fine, with a little support I’ll be who I wanna be, right? 

    So did you change recently?  appearance, character, ways of speaking? Did you feel better? Did you do it for yourself or for others? 

    I’m changing for myself and probably cause it’s the only way for me to survive a broken heart and to move on. So half me is the same and some of me is/will be changed. Cause I want it, need it and have to. I gotta find a way to be happy, cause I don’t wanna die the way I feel and am now. Wow that was deep again *hides face in hands*. Sorry about that. I hope you’re satisfied with yourself or manage to make the change you want to. You have all my luck wishes with you, anything you want you can make it come true. And if you want to talk or ask for advice (idk if I’m the person who’s good for that) just send me a message. I wanna be there for you, cause I know what it’s like when you need someone. Anyone. Anyone can fix you, you can do it yourself. You just have to want it that hard and it will happen eventually. Oof, that was even more deep. Like to the bottom of the ocean. Sorry, I really am. I’ll stop talking now. Have a good night, and an even better tommorow. 



    Some of my holiday spots

    Ciao bella, here some of my holiday pictures I took with my phone (bad bad bad quality). 

    There’s pictures of Molliets and Biarritz  in south France, and San sebastian in Spain. 

    Have you ever been there before? Did you enjoy it? I’m sure you took better pictures than me. But… I also took some pictures with a camera, I might show them later. 

    Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. 



    10 behavior things I’m proud of


    So as you might know, I’m back from a spectacular holiday. Honestly one of the best weeks in my entire life (I WILL NEVER FORGET). So this post is about some things that made me how I am right now. My holiday was a recovery for lots of drama that turned out depressing me. I’m filled with a feeling of luck and love, but part of me is sad for saying good bye to all those I’m missing already. But here’s my list. 

    1. Talking to people, I thought would never be interested in me. People are never what they looked like and I took the couradge to find out who they really are (even better). 

    2. Joining games. Making unexpected moves and simply having fun. Not giving up and just joining. 

    3. Barely using my phone. It was great to be in the there and then. I didn’t let moments pass me by, cause I was busy with my phone. I didn’t miss it at all. 

    4. Not doing things I didn’t want to (even when I was drunk). I think its a good thing to say no if you want to. 

    5. Let the love in. I was planning not to catch feelings, cause I would be leaving soon. But now I have great memories and heart feelings. 

    6. Being relaxed and simply enjoy. I got the beachy vibes and took them with me home. It’s Chillin’ good haha

    7. Dance the way I want. I didn’t know the village and most of the people. I felt free. Able to move however the hell I wanted. Great feeling to catch. You should try it! 

    8.wearing what I wanted. I wore the clothes I liked and that feels damn good. Normally I wouldn’t really wear crob tops cause people would judge me for it. 

    9. Joking around. Just having fun, not being scared to make a joke. It’s the best you can be. I dared to be myself, simply me. 

    10. Finding back my self worth. I’m less insecure than I was. I found people that were totally cool and they liked me back. I had such a great time socializing and getting to know them. I wouldn’t have missed it, not even for a million dollars. 

    So that were kinda mental behavior points right? I wanna go back to that place, but I know most of the people aren’t there anymore. I even cried after saying goodbye. It was horrible. I’m listening to all the music that reminds me of them and the places. So I’m still enjoying the good time I had. I needed a break and I had the best one I could have. 

    I hope you can say the same. That you feel reloaded, full of new positive energy. Have a lovely evening. I’ll try to post daily again, now that I’m back. 



    Broken, but back

    Ola amigos, here I am. I’ve got a better tan. I kinda learned to surf a little. I partied. I made friends and more than friends. I’m tired I’m broke, but full of memories. This holiday was too good to be real, but it’s too sad we had to say goodbye. I reported something in a crazy way, but I hope you’ll be okay with it. 



    My black and white striped clothes

    Hey there, another post from me, cause I’m going on a holiday! As the title says, I’ve got some black and white striped pieces of clothing, I’ll show them to you. It’s only four, so it won’t waste a lot of your time haha. 

    This dress is so perfect for the summer. I think I have it a few years now! It’s so easy to match with shoes and a jacket or something. It’s from H&M basics collection

    This one doesn’t look spectacular on a picture like this, but it looks great wearing it. It’s an off shoulder item that looks very stylish. 

    Another basic, but it fits me somehow. It’s pretty tight and looks very pretty. Mostly on a biker jeans! Also great for the summer. 

    This is a winter item actually (sorry that I’m bringing up the winter!). I just like this one a lot especially with a jeans jacket. 

    So what do you think about it? First I wanted to share my whole black and white clothes collection, but that would be waaaaayyyy toooooo muuuuuch. Most of my clothes are black  and white, I don’t even know why, I never meant to. But it happened anyway. Well no big deal though, it’s fine with me. 

    Talk to you later! 



    10 tips to survive illness

    Hey there, sorry I’ve been so busy. And my mind is totally filled with holiday stress that I forgot to write my blog again. Yeah I know to bad. I also hate the fact that I always start with the same words *read first 2 words of this post*. Anyway, forget about that, I’ll work on it. So today’s post is about being ill, and how  to get through it. It’s meant for illness like fever and such. So 3,2,1,0 off we go. 

    (I made this one last year) 

    #1 make yourself comfortable. (a blanket, cushion, teddy bear, happy socks, cosy pj, anything that makes you  feel comfy) 

    #2 eat and drink, what you feel like. Don’t eat stuff you actually don’t want to. It’ll make you feel more sick, when you try not to spit it out. But water and tea is always good, cause you really need to hydrate. Also toast and crackers is mostly easier too eat than just bread. Don’t it eat it in once, you don’t want your tummy to turn around. 

    #3 Distraction. Telly, magazines, books, music. Being distracted from your pain is something that’s worth a lot. Find out what helps you best. (though there’s moments when you feel so miserable that  you can’t even turn the telly on) 

    #4 scream and yell. Speak out how terrible you feel, cause you dont have to keep that inside. It’s horrible enough when you feel like that and the least people can do is listen to your complaining. 

    #5 sleep whenever you can. When you sleep, you don’t feel the pain. So if you can, sleep! 

    #6 if you have nightmares, I’d advise to sleep on the couch, if there’s someone else home. This way you’ll get over it sooner, once you wake up. 

    #7 accept help. There’s no need to prove that you can do everything yourself. You’re ill and if there’s someone to take care of you, accept that. The more energy you waste on doing it yourself, the less energy your body has left to get better. 

    #8 Ask a (best) friend to come over. Someone you know will still love you, even when you’re a mess. I’m sure this person will light you up a little. Maybe he/she has some rumors and gossip stories… And there will be a reason to laugh and that’s always a good cure. 

    #9 eat fruit. If you feel like it, don’t hesitate just eat fruit, cause you don’t want to be ill soon again. You need those vitamins. 

    #10 take your time (why is this one always on my tips list???). Give your body the time to recover. You better take one more day off, than be ill the week after. 

    Well, I hope I helped you a little with this. I’m going on a holiday this afternoon. So I won’t be posting a lot (wich I didn’t do the last days neither). My head was so full, that I forgot e-ve-ry-thing! But that must be better after vacation, right? 

    Have a nice holiday! 



    Summer vacation bucketlist

    Hey you! Thx for being here. Today’s post is about my summer vacation bucketlist but first I’ll tell you why. For me is going to some other place, like getting a chance to be and do what you want. People don’t know you in another country, so they don’t judge you. So I’ld reccomend to write one. Also if you’re staying  home, just to make sure that you do the things you really want to (and don’t forget them ). So enough  of the chit chat lets move to the subject. 


    O bottle post

    O making new friends

    O finding a souvenir 

    O finding a pen pal 

    O learn something new (surfing) 

    O speak another language

    O capture moments in pictures

    O wearing arm and ankle bands

    O feel confident in my bikini

    O dare to be myself

    O have a lot of fun

    O dance in the club (and on the beach) 

    O swim with fishes

    O go city-tripping

    O get a better tan

    O Get my hair more blond

    O keep my tent tidy and clean

    O play guitar for public

    O exchange contact info  with new friends
    So those were the nine-teen (!) things I wanna do on my vacation. I’m pretty sure it will be filled with laughter, swimming, dancing, drinking, surfing, eating, talking, sun bathing and being a tourist haha. 

    I hope I’m gonna fulfill my bucket list. And I hope you can finish yours too. So have a lovely evening and good luck! 



    10 tips to write a story

    Hey there, I totally forgot to post yesterday. So here’s my apologies. Please forgive me haha. For now I will go on about writing stories. Some things I learned and want to share with you. I’ve always wanted to have a creative job like being a writer or a painter, but I’m just not talented. But here’s what you could do if you want to write a story. 

    1. It’s about you. Do not, and I repeat do NOT question the opinions of other people. It’s your story don’t let others ruin your concentration or confidence. 

    2. Take your time. Writing takes a lot of time, cause thinking goes way faster and then everything you write seems to go slowly. But remember it takes some writers years before they finish one novel. Don’t write something when you’re in a hurry, then only write the most important words. And finish the story later,when you’ve got time. 

    3. Feel free with fantasy. Your story doesn’t have to be realistic. You have to dive in the story and believe it while you write it. Pretend to be the main character ans use your imagination. 

    4. Use feelings. Expressions, emotions, words, deeds, subscriptions  and feelings are all very important in a story. So use your own view on things, feelings you had when certain things happened. 

    5. Pen and paper, or laptop? If you have a leck of time, I’d advice to type it on your laptop. Writing with  a pen takes a lot more time, unless you don’t  wanna have it typed out in the end. I must admit that it is very stylish to write it on paper with a pen or pencil. It makes your story authentic. So it’s up to you! 

    6. You don’t have to finish them one by one. You can decide if you want to write more stories at a time. Cause you might get a Writers block if you’re too focused on finishing one story. 

    7. Decide for what age you wanna write. Do some research on that, so you’re sure what kinda of words you should use. 

    8. Decide what sort of story you’re willing to write. (horror, thriller, realistic, fantasy, comic, romcom etc). 

    9. Think about the end, once you started. You don’t have to decide how the end will be exactly, but you gotta know what you’re writing towards to. (happy end, open end, closed end, dramatic end, life lesson end etc.) 

    10. Published or secret? There’s always people that like your stories. If you haven’t met them, doesn’t mean your stories are bad. Maybe you have a certain way of writing or thinking that only certain people will understand, love and admire. So don’t give up. But you can also just keep it to yourself (wich would be a pitty cause peole can get to know you and learn so much from you). 

    I hope you feel encouraged, though I’m not sure if can make you feel encouraged ugh. Anyway, I hope you had a lovely day and I’ll talk to you soon.



    Pain breaker part 3 

    Hey you :), here’s another part of my story. Sorry for so much of this story stuff of mine. I’ll try to write something else on the upcoming days. Please forgive me! But for now…….. Rapapapam…. Story starts…….. 

    ​She turned around a few times. Then she decide to go to her boyfriend anyway. When se arrived at his door and he opened, she was speechless. She didn’t know what to do. But he took her in his arms anyway and brought her inside. She looked at him and he said ‘it’s okay’. Then he said ‘tell me when you can’. ‘it’s a personal secret, no one knows about’ she answered while she wiped away her tears. He took her face and looked her in the eyes ‘if you can live with it, it’s fine with me’ he said. She smiled intense happy. But she felt that it would become a problem in the future. But for now, she told him yes, cause he deserved it. And she wanted him. They talked a lot and when she woke up that morning, next to him, she smiled brightly.’ I wish my parents would get to know you’ she said softly. He winked a few times and said ‘let’s find them’. It wasn’t a question, more an order. It was all she needed, someone to give her the courage to follow her heart. But she was still scared, scared to find out that her mother had the same specialty. 

    Thanks for reading! ❤️



    More of Pain breaker 

    Hey there, I’m gonna be fast cause I need to do some more things. Here’s the next part  of my story. What’s your opinion? Let me know, let me know 🙂 off we go… 

    But she also knew that she wouldn’t stay alive if she kept on locking herself up without food and drinks. So she opened her door and walked downstairs, she was home alone as usual. She opened the fridge and took a glass with her other hand. The water tasted better as ever. The food tasted great. But her mind felt troubled. Trouble maker should’ve been her last name, she was sure her ‘unofficial’ boyfriend would agree on that one. ‘WHERE ARE PARENTS WHEN YOU NEED THEM’ she shouted throught the kitchen. But inside her head she added ‘they won’t even be here when I don’t need them’. She wanted to see her boyfriend. Tell him how much she loves him. Tell him why she can’t decide. But how would he ever understand? He’s just a rich uptown boy, with the sweetest parents on earth. He only knows the definition of trouble from his dictionary. He never had any problems. He’s always been good in school, always looking good, had a lot of friends and had always a girlfriend. So if she broke up with him, he would find another one, right? Isn’t that what boys do, give up on their ex and find themselves a new one? She never thought of him that way and it’s probably cause she never wanted to think bad of him. But now she needs to if she’s gonna break up with him. 
    That’s it for now, but there’s so much mkre to the story. Though I’m really in doubt whether to post more of it or not. I just don’t wanna bother anyone with my unprofessional story writing. So I’ll try to make up my mind about that. 



    Pain breaker

    Hey there, here’s the beginning of a story I’m writing. Yet, you get to decide if I’ll continue sharing the rest of the story with you guys. Please let me know exactly what you think of it. Any type of comment is good! There we go… 

    She has the power to take away someone’s pain, but every person she saves will make her life a day shorter. She’s used to it, since she was little. She found out she’s the only one who’s able to do such a thing, when she had the age of six. And now she’s nine teen. She locked herself up in her room. Knowing that she’s saving too many people to stay alive. It’s a gift and a torture. Everyone with pain will come to her, and she lets her emotions in and feels sorry, the person will be healed. That person will be lucky. But what is she’s not lucky herself? She fell in love a few months ago. And though he asked her a few times to make their relationship official, she can’t give him the answer he wants. She never told anyone about her specialty. No one knows. She has many friends cause she took away their pain. But no one will ever take her pain away. She has to decide now. She can either go on the way she did, save everyone she can and die too young. Or she can choose for herself. Turn off her emotions and see if someone will heal her own pain. See if her boyfriend will take away her pain. But what if she can’t stop taking away other people’s pain? What if they’re married in a few years, and she will die? She can’t stand the idea of leaving him heart broken and than it will all be to late. She can’t take away his pain once she’s burried under the ground. 

    Wanna know how this story goes farther? Then you’re gonna have to comment. Sorry, but for this one time I gotta be strict. I just really wanna know your opinion :). Remember that advice is welcome too, so don’t feel sorry for me if you think this story sucks! Any opinion is good, cause it’s YOUR opinion. 

    Well for the last time: Please let me know :). And here’s another  question for you: did/do you wite stories? Short or long? Do you rather like reading or writing? I’m excited for your answer! 

    Have a great night! 



    P. S. Do you LOVE these too?(while reading or writing?)  😍

    What you need to pack for your holiday

    Hey there, thanks for reading this for so far haha. Today’s post is about packing. Cause I’m busy with that. I started a week ago and will be leaving in 10 days. I’m so excited (and scared to forget to pack something). 

    Anyway here’s my advice. Some tips and tricks that I use. 

    Here’s what you need in pictures. 


    Take everything you’ll need for sure and make sure it will fit. (there’s 2 options when it doesn’t fit: 1) buy a bigger one 2)take less stuff with you :). 

    2. STRAW AND A PAIR OF SCISSORS. Wrap everything up and bind it together. This way you have more space left and it’s easy to check what you packed. 

    3. LITTLE BAGS. these are perfect for stuff like make-up, medicines, jewelery etc. This way you don’t have to search every place to find it. It’s perfectly organized, you could even label every bag. 

    4. LITTLE BOTTLES. as mentioned before, these are the  solution for less weight and more space. 

    5. PACKING LIST. you can look on the Internet or make one yourself. It’s important that you start early with making one, so you have enough time to make sure you have everything. Think of wjat you’re gonna do, and what you will need and that in details! 

    If you’re still worried, you can always ask someone for help. Let thwm chexk your back and/or packing list to make sure you didn’t forget something. And you can always buy it on your destination (as long as you don’t forget to take money with you and you’re not going some place in tge middle of nowhere :p) 

    I hope this post helped you a little. Have a good evening and I’ll be back tommorow. 



    10 things to do if he/she broke up with you

    Hey there, I’m glad you’re here! Did you have a break up recently? Still not over it? Or would you like to be prepared in case there’s some idiot who’s gonna break your heart (sorry, I know they’re not all idiots. But many are :p). Well if you found yourself in those words. Please continue reading. 
    Here’s some possibilities , that probably will help you. At least I really hope so. 

    1. Stop following him/her on social media. And do not stalk. (you’ll find out how they’re moving on, but you should care about how you are moving on). It’s hard, cause you wanna know if he/she has a new relationship , if he/she’s dating, how her/his family is doing, or even worse: his/her dog. Honestly how could you live without? Well here’s the answer, find a new one, with family (and hopefully a dog or another pet :). 

    2. Delete his/her number. Don’t block her/him, unless he/she sends you annoying things or calls you unwanted. In this way if he/she is in an emergency or has another reason, they can still contact you. And you don’t have to feel guilty, or feel like erasing him/her out off your life. 

    3. Write letters. Write everything you want to  say to this person. But don’t send it! It’s about you getting over her/him. Don’t bring up something to discuss, just leave it the way it is. That’s already hard enough. You can also burn the letters. 

    4. Save the pictures in one place. Don’t leave them hanging in your room or living room. (that’s clear,  right? , cause you don’t wanna hurt yourself by looking at how beautiful it seemed to be). 

    5. Listen to sad songs. Look for all the songs that explain your pain. It’s okay and allowed to cry and grief. Don’t hide it. Cry whenever you can. (I would avoid public places, cause you don’t want everyone to know how broken you feel). 

    6. Have fun. That sounds weird in this list. But… You have to do fun things. You always did them and liked them, so you need to continue on those things. Hold on to it. 

    7. Talk to friends or make new friends. Let’s say you can free your mind and enjoy your days, in stead of staying home in bed . it’s possible, I know it sounds crazy, but YOU CAN DO IT. yourself. No matter what happened you’re the same you. The same as he/she fell in love with. So don’t blame yourself. (I wont say that maybe it’s not meant to be or not the right time, cause I hate it when people say that). 

    9. Don’t talk “forever single” crap. Cause you’re not  gonna be forever single! Just because you’re last relationship didn’t work out, doesn’t mean that your whole love life sucks. Okay? Take that from me. And people love you most when you smile. If you say you’ll be forever single, lots of people will think  you’re okay with that. But you shouldn’t be. You should know you diserve your true ‘meant to be’ love just as much as anyone else. 

    10. Read books, watch series and movies. Find some distraction. I read this book:

    And it’s in one word: genious! Honestly its so cool written. Based on real life stories. And has a cool design. Check it out if you can, cause it will help you! 

    Well well, I should tell myself to do those things right now. But it’s so hard to hold on to it. But I’m trying my very best. So hold on to the good. I totally forgot to tell you to buy yourself sweets and chocolate. I mean look at it and taste it, it’s real and those wont let you down.  But I would advice if you take my advice seriously (eating a whole bunch of chocolate bars) to go sport, wich is also a really good way to free your mind from him/her. I think I should’ve made that  list a little longer,huh?

    I really hope you liked this post. I’m so happy with that book, I love to read English,  but we don’t have good english books in the library. So I bought this one (it was even cheap:) and I will pass it on to my childeren (if I ever get childeren haha). 

    What is it, that you dis when a relationship broke?or did you break a relationship?  (I did, sometimes it needs to be done, no matter how sad we’re about it) Did you manage to stay friends afterwards? Please let me know, if you want to! I think I’ll be doding some more posts about aspects of love (and friendship). So feel free to inspire me! 🙂 



    What I would’ve said to the younger me

    Hey there. How ya doing? Enjoying the weather? Had a good day? Last day of your weekend? Or not? 

    Remember those days when our only job, was to go to school. And even before, you only had to play. And look at us now. How many of us, wish to be that young again? Cause I sure as hell do. So I will write about all the things I wish someone told me when I was just a little girl. 

    Dear little me, don’t cry over someone that has never been there for you. Don’t chase someone that leaves you alone, go find someone that cares about you as much as you care about them. If there’s no one of your  ages to play with, find someone older or younger. show that that you just came to have fun, that you don’t want to fight. Enjoy your freedom and do exactly what you like. Don’t let anyone boss you around. Don’t let anyone tell you what you  should do and believe. Discover things you like, look for solutions. Open your eyes and your ears. So much you can learn, even when you don’t speak. Live in the moment girl. Cause now that there’s only a few things you have to deal with, you should be happy. Times will get harder and you’re gonna regret it if you didn’t spent your youth to the fullest. Don’t get your hopes on those who let you fall. Stay strong for yourself and the ones you love. There’s always a reason to smile. Be kind to the people around. And find out who you can trust. Bound with people and animals. Cause when a human lets you down, an animal will still be there. Trust on your instincts and speak your mind. Follow your heart, don’t stop to think, cause you are smart. I will never let you go. I’ll carry you with me in my heart. Be yourself, cause you still amaze me. You’re a great human being, just follow your way and don’t get lost. I love you and I wish you’d never leave. Embrace  the world. Reach for your goals. The stars are ther for tou in times of darkness. And the sun will shine to dry your tears. Let heaven see you smiling as much as possible and just be good. Cause there’s nothing wrong with you. You go girl. You rock. 

    Whoah! That was deep. I don’t know how I was even able to write so. Hope I didn’t scare you away🙈. I don’t think I should tell such a things to my future childeren, they’d think I’ve gone insane haha. 

    Did you write a familiar letter once? Do you have letters you’ll never send. Or do you burn them once you wrote them? Please let me know, I’m totally interested. 🙂 

    Have a good night, sleep well and I’ll be back tomorrow! 

    This sunflower is especially for you. To add a little more sunny vibes to your life! 



    Some Summer Holiday Trip Must-haves

    Hey there, if you’re planning to go on vacation (I am), then I’ve got a few things that you might wanna take with you! 

    A bag organiser. With lots of places to put stuff you need! For when you have a bag with no pockets. 

    A little thing to take your medicines. Please don’t forget to take medication with you. I wouldn’t want you to spend your vacation trip in pain. 

    This little bag is water resistant. You can use it for your phone or even for money, especially good when you’re at sea, right? 

    A powerbank. If you’re going by bus, by car or by plane, you don’t want your phone to be empty, do you? 

    Those little bottles to put your soap, shampoo, body lotion and stuff in. So you don’t have to take the whole package with you. It takes less space and less weight this way. 

    A mirror. If you’re gonna camp, which I am, you might need this one in your tent. Cause you don’t wanna wake up, unable to see what you look like. And find out how you look once you reached the bathroom and passed like 20 people. Not funny, take that from me. Especialle when you didn’t remove your make up and it’s all over you face, there where it isn’t supposed to be. 

    You don’t want to take your whole jewellery collection with you, so this one limits your jewelry items perfectly. 

    You heard about people coming back all red and itchy. Well, you don’t wanna be one of them. Wherever you’re going, check what insects might bother you and protect yourself against those. 

    All there’s left to do for me, is to wish you a great awesome super duper fantastic holiday! Also when you stay home. Relax and have FUN! 

    Have a good evening! 



    Summer vacation vision board

    Hey there, remember I told you I hadn’t made a vision board? Well I have now. I’ll show the results. And you’re free to tell me what you think of it! I’m not quite satisfied myself, I probably should’ve take more time for it. But there’s only 24 hours a day, and I’m as impatient as possible. And that’s no good when you’re a perfectionist haha. 

    So be prepared to kinda take a look in my brains. And see what I expect my summer to be like. Not exactly like this, don’t worry. 

    Here comes the making of. Just one more picture of the whole thing. 

    The magazines I used. 

    All the parts I ripped or cut out. 

    Everything left over, unusable for me now. 

    Good pictures and stuff I came across, usefull for next projects

    This is what my room looks like when I decided to do something

    I used some special glue to make it look better. I’ll show you how that worked out. 

    See what I meant? It’s shiny and looks like it’s just one piece of paper. While in fact it’s like a hundred pieces of paper. 

    Are you working on a creative project?  Feel free to inspire me or give me advice :). 

    Hope you have a lovely evening! 

    See ya around! 



    Me and my… Perfume

    Hey there, don’t we all love it when someone smells nice. That moment when you walk past someome and wish you could smell that scent forever. Yeah well, don’t think others will have that with my perfume or deodorant scents, but I like the scents. And it cheers me up. I even think male scents are the greatest. I wish I could wear them all day, but then people would judge me too much. (they’d probably think I don’t wanna be A GIRL anymore or they’d think I desperately need a boyfriend, maybe I do need that anyway haha) 

    My last perfume, is one I bought for my summer vacation. It’s because when I put on certain scents it takes me back to memories. So this perfume will always take me back to my summer vacation! The shape is perfect for my suitcase and its smal, but not too small. You know what I’m saying, right? 

    Then there’s my second perfume in a life time. Playboy. *hides face in hands*. Oh come one, don’t judge me, the smell is so great. For such a reasonable price. Some people said I smell good, but they have no idea it’s this one haha. But maybe this is the reason why I’m falling for the bad boys. But then that must mean that It will be BEtter when I’m on vacation with my superdry perfume. 

    My very first perfume  was from one direction *blushing of shame*. I know I know, it sounds embarrassing. But guess what?! It smells great!! 

    Then there’s some left over smells

    <Deodorant >I tried every single anti transpiring deodorant, but I gave up on it. And this is the result. (there’s 4 other sorts already empty!) 

    <Scent candle> this one gives my room a great scent. I love the GREEN APPLE smell! 😍 (IKEA) 

    <Bath oil> this one is for ‘responsible children’, and supposed to make you feel enlightened and happier. I’m 18 now, but still a kid, so thought it should work for me. And it’s NATURAL! 

    That was it guys. Hope you have a great night and sleep tight. ❤️



    Collecting something 2.0

    Hey there, another part of my collection of collection items. 

    {1} First of all my charm bracelet. 

    You can collect memories or things you love. It’s a great thing to ask for your birthday, cause each one will remind you of a beloved person. 

    {2} LP’s, CD’s and casette bands. Old skool but I love it all. It’s like it adds some magic to the music, when it’s vintage. 

    {3} my art materials… Too much, but I love it soo much. All those black pencils, because I think it looks more stylish in black (rather than blue🙈). 

    Don’t panic that’s all. (I think) 

    {4} Buttons, don’t we all have those? 

    {5} I even collect coints for my work. So we will have enough change money. 

    Hope  you’re not bored right now. I think there will be more posts about my collections in the future. I wonder what’s the weirdest thing that people collect. Any idea?? 

    Anyway I’m leaving. I’ll have my FIRST driving lesson (!). So if you don’t hear from me after today, I think I didnt survive it haha. Have a lovely day! 🙂 



    Midnight talks #1

    I’m back. Back in bloggers world. I was out, because I was busy and had literally no energy left to keep my blog up. Neither did I have energy to make my vision board for this summer. So today I decided to stand up to myself and force myself to do things I want to do (and some I have to do). I hope it will give me some extra energy. Because right now my lack of energy is too big to handle. Only in the early morning I’m able to work and make things happen. Every second hour, seems to make me feel worse. I sound like a person that’s depressed about life. But even if I am, I can’t be one. Cause there’s so many things that I still want to do. Though I believe in reincarnation , I still want to have the YOLO mentality, cause maybe we really only live once. It would be such a pitty if we didn’t do what we wanted. Cause in the end we will be dead. So it’s all about now. This very second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year. It’s about what we do, what we say, how we look. It’s about how we leave this world. It’s about sending a message by the way that you live your life. It’s about inspiring people and making them feel welcome. It’s about bringing out the best in someone. And it’s about developing. No one’s just a good person. We all have our mistakes, our failures, our bad behavior, maybe even an evil side. But it’s about having a good heart. It’s about looking farther than words, thinking of feelings. 

    We mean something to people, but mostly don’t know that or realise it. You mean a lot to me, even when I don’t know you. It’s so awesome that we’re still interested in each other. That we read other man’s opinions, that we still care. That we’re not just selfish humans caring about money. That we still follow our hearts and do what we love. (I guess you’re not forced to read this blog and you’re not doing this cause someone told you you have to). We’re free minds. Even if we’re being tightened, in jail, mistreated, abused, hurt, or damaged. We can decide what we think. Maybe that’s our strongest weapon. Whatever we’re in, there must be a way out. And wherever you’re out, there’s gotta be a way to get in. Even if your heart is broken, your mind can still work. We’re so much stronger than we think we are. But we have to be trusted and believe in ourself. If you’re in trouble, know that I believe in your strength. Your life is NOT meant to be trouble. And it’s not all because of you, that things go wrong. There’s a reason for everything. A thought behind every word. And a heart behind all emotions. We’re not made to be fullfilled, we’re made to find our hapiness. It’s our own path. Made of our choises. We gotta be strong and take the fight. Cause those who fought the hardest. End up as the strongest. 

    Keep up! 



    How my dreams changed

    Good afternoon! You’re looking good today (I bet you do). I found out something today that I wanted to share with you guys. 

    As mentioned before I had some extreme dreams. People chasing me. People hunting me. People trying to kill me. I also dreamed a lot that I was trying to fix ptoblems of others, when no one saw that needed to be done. 

    Now I dreamed I didn’t take it any longer. I didn’t take the bullshit they told me. I didn’t let them obey me. I pushed them away with their talks and stypid thoughts and came up for myself. 

    I think that’s what I’m supposed to do jow, and you all should. We don’t diserve to be pushed around,to be told what to do and to do what they want. 

    We have our own lifes, and owe it to ourselves to make it good (*read great*). So don’t let them bring you down. Push them away when their negativity comes to close. Hold on to love, to the ones you love and to yourself. 

    And nightmares are battles to win. 

    Dreams are made to fight for. 

    We have to make this work! 



    10 things only guitar players will understand

    Hey there, here’s my second post today, cause I didn’t write yesterday and that day before. I’ve been  asked to write more about playing guitar. So here we go. 

    1. Space. When you play guitar you need space! When you travel with a guitar you need extra space. It’s not something you just put in your backpack. 

    2. Broken strings. It’s like someone puts a knife in your heart, okay okay I know that’s overrated. But when you’re ready to play or started to play, it’s totally annoying when you have to replace a string (or more 😦 ). 

    3. It takes time. It takes time to learn new chords. It takes time to learn new songs. It takes time to practice. It takes time to get ready for playing. It’s not like one, two, three, off we go. There’s preparation to be done before we start to play. 

    4. It ain’t easy. There’s so many different ways of playing. There’s so many things to learn and keep in mind. You can’t just decide to do it one day. And you learn more every time you play, even when you don’t realise it. 

    5. It’s all about the tuning. No tuning, no playing.  We need our guitar to sound pure, clear and fine. Especially when there’s a change of temperature,it mostly takes a little more time to tune our guitar. 

    6. No long nails on one hand. Like all those girls wanting long nails. And all the boys want the length of their nails to be equal . But it’s easier to play, when the ‘strum hand’ has longer nails. And the ‘chord hand’ has short nails. 

    7.No drinks, rain or water please. We care for our guitar and liquid could ruin the sound. And that’s exactly what we don’t want. 

    8. It all comes with pain. Mostly in the beginning our finger tops are painfull. So please respect that… 

    9. We don’t play when you say. If we don’t feel like playing, we better not play. We can’t be in the mood all the time. And we don’t wanna disappoint the audience, so please don’t make us do that. 

    10. We love guitars. We know what it brought us and we care about it a lot. So we spent money for it, we save for a new one or another one, we watch movies and tutorials, we listen to others playing and we play a lot ourselves. And we hate the sound of a guitar that’s falling down. So never let a guitar fall on purpose, it’s kinda heart aching. 

    So that’s it for today! Thanks for reading. Please leave your opinion in the comments. Is there something I forgot to mention? One more item tor the list? And do you have suggestions for next posts? Please let me know! 




    Hey there, I’m back, please welcome the new me, eightteen years old , trying to act like an adult, but will always be a child ;p

    So this post is about photography. I love to take pictures. To look back at moments and get that certain feeling again. 

    But if you want to take pictures, you gotta be open. Walk with open eyes, try to find beauty in the nature, in people, in shops anr everywhere. You gotta be open minded to make the pictures perfect. You gotta take the risk of making a picture, even when no one sees what you see in it. A picture is something personal. If someone  doesn’t like your picture, that doesn’t matter, aw long as it makes you happy.  😊 

    So here’s some pictures I took in Volendam.

    So thanks for reading and watching! I’ll probably do one post more today, cause I bailed on you for 2 days (I’m sooooo sorry, the temperature of 35 degrees is almost killing me, that’s why). 

    Have a good evening! 



    18th Birthday

    Hey there, sorry I’m late, but I was getting ready for turning eightteen(!). I’m so happy, I never expected to be this happy haha. So here’s how my mom made it clear to the neighborhood :). 

    And then there were so many pictures of me…  It looks so beautiful all together . I wanted to add a picture, but it’s impossible to stay anonymous  then. But maybe I’ll find a way.  I’ll try to post again tommorow. Maybe I can tell you guys about my b-day presents I get today, just let me know if you’d like to know. 

    This is my birthday outfit since it will be a day with tropical temperatures 👒☀️

    My 18- and 18+ band from going to party’s! 

    I will also be blogging about things that I wanna change now that I’m 18. But for today I’ll just be enjoying, smiling and drinking :). I’m so greatfull for everything I have right now, though I lost a lot. I’m just so happy, I wish I could be like this for the rest of this year haha. 

    Thank you for reading this and hopefully you’ll have a great day too! ❤️ lots of love! 



    Mind trip

    I just found out that this blog was saved in my concepts. So I’m publishing it now, cause it was meant to.
    I left my place for two days and went to Friesland. But I’m back home now, with internet. So I’m able to blog again * enthousiastic cheering*

    Hey there, a little tour through my thoughts. It’s very understandable if you don’t manage to stay on track. So please be prepared for my ‘swerve off topic kinda thoughts’. Good luck 😉

    Isn’t it sad that those we cry about, don’t see us cry. That those who hurt us are just moving on. That those we care about have to see us cry. That we show our tears to those we love. While those who break us don’t know and don’t mind.
    Isn’t it sad how some people just live their life as playing a game. So many war games played on the computer, but it seems to be just practice for making it reality. It’s so hard to look for the good in people when there’s so much bad. For some people it’s just to late, cause they don’t want to be good any more. And we’ve all let that happen. We can’t blame anyone, if we didn’t try to make it better. But how can we believe in world peace, when even the ones that shoudl bring peace, are in a fight. I just wonder if it’s really that hard, to be just kind. To try to think for someone else. To imagine how it would be like for them. To make it as good and fair as possible for the people around.
    Why are childeren taught to defend themselves, but not to love. Why do they teach us in school how to make love, but not how hearts get broken. Why is the whole society telling us what to do and meanwhile telling us to find out who we are? Why is it so important to have good marks, even when you hate what you have to do for it. Why are we being judged for things people say behind our backs. Why not say it right in my face? Why would we pretend to be friends, when we don’t even want to be friends.  Why is it so hard to admit that we need help, that we can’t do it on our own. And why aren’t we all together to make this world better. After all those songs made about these things, it looks like it can’t reach the people that need to hear it. How come?

    If you really made it untill here, I need to compliment you. Cause my thoughts are kinda complicated. I’m sorry, I probably shouldn’t do such a post again… 😮

    Have a good day for the rest and I’ll talk to you soon!



    When you play an instrument

    Hey there,

    today’s blog is about what happens when you play an instrument. I chose this subject, because I didn’t play an instrument since a year ago. And I can totally recommend it! SO I made a list of what it brought me. I hope, if you don’t play an instrument already, that you find one that suits you. I hope you can grow, wether you’re born with a talent or not. And I also hope you can make yourself happy with it, and the people around you. Sooooooo….. There we goooooo………….

    Chosing for yourself.
    If you choose an instrument it has to be something that you can bind with. You need to feel the music streaming through your veins. So don’t chose one that your parents adore. Don’t be scared to choose a noisy one. Don’t be scared that some friend(s) might not like it. It’s about you, you and your instrument.

    A part of your life.
    Your instrument will be a big part of your life. Your instrument will teach you lessons, as weird as that sounds, it really is true. You’ll be showing your emotions in a play, or it might distract you from trouble. You can loose yourself in the music and you can find yourself. It goes both ways and it’s all up to you and the instrument you choose.

    Taking another step.
    There’s Always more to do, more to learn and more to reach. More songs, more chords, producing a song of your own, singing along with the play, posting covers on youtube, posting tutorials, performing for someone and performing for a group. There’s no boundries in the world of music. You can just take another step, whenever you’re ready.

    Place emotions.
    Music can heal. It can take away pain, even when words can’t. It can bring back memories that you or someone wants to cherish. It can create moments where people come together. It can bring understanding. It can give a message or an apologize. It can bring people together. But sometimes music tells us that we’re not over it, that we’re still sad and that’s okay. The music will help us through it.

    Your own.
    You’re creating a little space for yourself. It’s between you and the instrument. You’re not alone, but in your own. Though you can also practice during (group/duo) lessons or in a band. But your part is something from you that no one can take away from you. Your emotions, your thoughts and your feelings are in the music.

    I hope you find as much joy and hapiness in playing an instrument, as I do. It brought me so much and I think it’s like the best therapy I can have at this very moment. I wish I could’ve played an instrument before and I wouldn’t want to live without it anymore. I started finding out about music when I was like twelve, and now my music taste goes from alternative rock to drama pop songs. I just love music, mostly discovering songs. I love the way it makes us feel better, stronger and sometimes it even feels good to cry on a song.

    Do you play an instrument? Wich one(s)? DO you play fro yourself, or also for public? DO you play in a band?
    Or maybe you’re wondering if you wanna start playing an instrument? Or maybe you just started?
    Do you write your own songs? Make your own music? Do you have a song I should listen?
    Please oh please let me know!

    I’ve been a little ill lately, I’m okay now, but if I’m not posting than you know why..
    Have a lovely day farther!




    13 reasons why I didn’t give up

    Hey there,
    I wasn’t willing to write this blog today, but something came across and I have to talk about it. There’s this person that I always loved untill a year ago. He let me down, for the second time and now it’s over. I know I did right to distance myself from him, but when I see all the pain he’s causing, I want to go back to him. I want to make him stop. but he can’t be stopped. You can’t talk with him, unless you agree on his opinions. You can’t open his eyes. You can’t get to him. Nothing hurts him anymore. He turned into a bad bad robot.

    Everytime I think he’s done causing trouble and pain. He starts it all over again. It’s a game to him. Seeing how many stitches he can give me. I’m even wondering if he’s trying to make me kill myself. Cause a human can only take so much. I’m not gonna kill myself, so don’t be concerned. I have still reasons left to live for, even though my life is still rough. But if you ever think about quiting (believe me, I did), then list all the things that still make you happy. And if there’s nothing left, think back to the days you were happy and work to get that back. No one has the right to ruin you and there’s always someone that loves you, that might not be able to live without you. Maybe it’s that stranger you pass by every morning, and exchange a smile with. 🙂

    The point is that life is about the little things and all those little things together make it good or bad, or inbetween.

    Like this conservation I had with someone:

    You can guess, who I was in the conservation.

    Anyway, here’s my list with things to stay alive for:

    1. love and laughter from my Mom and Sisters, my friend, and my neighbours
    2. The sunsets and the view of a night sky full with stars
    3. having nice chats with some colleagues
    4. Kindness from customers at my work
    5. Working at a pig farm, where it feels like my second home + family.
    6. Listening to new music/ making music (+lyrics)
    7. Meeting new people
    8. Looking at people’s style and getting inspired.
    9. Blogging, I do love it.
    10. Animals (excluding spiders 😮 ) and nature, from garden to cooking and baking!
    11. That feeling when the sun shines on you, the snow falls on you or when people give you a smile.
    12. Going out, dancing and making fun
    13. Looking for Mr. right, I might need to scrap this one actually.

    Please hold on. Keep your head up Princ(ess) or your clown slips. You can Always contact me when you think about quiting, please do so!

    I’m typing this in a closet, that’s big enough to sit in. With a teddybear that’s as big as I am. And my headphone’s on, I needed loud music so much. I hope this blog somehow added something positive to your day or mood. Psease stay strong, let’s help each other through rough times. We can do it together!



    P. S. Here’s a little positivity of my day:

     I did my nails 💅 

     And I worked in our garden, here’s a part of the result. 








    Glitter items (an option for every day of the week) 

    Good morning, 

    Here’s another ‘an option for every day of the week’ blog, my last one was about spring fashion. you can check it out here:

    So I don’t know if you’re a glitter&glamour type? But if you are you might like this. Other wise you might be shocked of all my glitter and might laugh at me. That’s also okay, feel free to laugh. But know that I don’t use these items all at once. 

    First of all : FACE GLITTER ITEMS

    Glitter mascara(!) need to say no more. 

    Body glue and glimmers. Cool for next to your eyes. 

    Glitter eye liner. All silver! 


    Halter top, shirt, crop top and pull over, all with silver glimmers. The white one has the colours of the picture above these sentences, you can only see it when you’re close so I added an extra picture! 


    Amd of course some glitter nailpolish items. On the left are little white glittered stars ✨ 


    Some glitter hair essentials. On the left you can put those little stones on your hear! 


    Glitterspray and (fake)  tattoos! 


    Heels sneakers, loafers and sandals. The sandals are the highest level of glitter and glam and the sneakers the lowest. 


    This one looks like a crown, but it’s actually from my almost-empty-one-direction-that-moment-perfume🙈

    And then there’s glitter&glamour jewelry of course, but I won’t bother you with that (today hehe). 

    I’m gonna add some glitter to my birthday outfit Monday, so feel free to inspire me and give me some ideas :)! 

    So I hope you have a glamerous day! 👑

    And I’d love to hear about your favourite glitter item! Please let me know! 



    Flowerfull day

    Hey, I am back. 

    I was down yesterday, no energy, didn’t know how to motivate myself, I had an off-day. And as you will know, being in a depressions means that all your days look like that, like you have no reason to live anymore. I was past that and now I had such a day again. But it was just a day. Today is better! 

    So as much as I am happy to feel better, I wish you a flowerfull powerfull day. We did some gardening at home and these are the results. So here is my flower power encouragement for you 🌸! In 9 pictures, cause that’s my lucky number!

    We don’t have a big garden, so this is a practical way to save some space. 

    Look at this little cutie! The first sunflower 🌻 in the year, of our garden. Small but great! 

     Well well, pink it is! 

    The chairs were like this for the rain. And the rain made these plants look this good. 

    This is my very own lemon tree, and thanks to the bees there will be a lot of lemons hanging in the tree! 🐝🍋

    I bought this one for my mum as a mothersday gift. It stands proud and looks lovely! 

    The grapes 🍇! AND ITS A SUNNY YEAR, so may the wine be good haha. 

    “wood strawberries”. They’re smaller but even delicious 😋. Yet all the red and ripe ones are already eaten, so we have to wait for more. 

    So that was my flowerbpower post for today. Hope they make you as happy as they make me! 

    I found this one this morning and it’s for you! 




    Hey guys, 

    I’m gonna stop apologizing,  before I’ll be apologizing for apologizing too much. I meant to write this blog this morning. But I went to a dance party until 3 in the morning/night. I did set my alarm but for some reason it didn’t ring. So I overslept and had only 3 quarters to get ready for church. (I needed like 2 hours). And my mom was just singing in the bathroom, while I was freaking out… 

    So today, my sister had her first communion. We’re catholic, and they do this when they’re like 8 years old. She looked so beautiful! The church gives me some feeling of rest and being welcome. And being with so many people for the same reason. And everyone has their own story. 

    For myself, I believe in God, the saints and heaven. I believe it exists and that there’s more than just life and dead. I believe prayer can give you extra strength, but I believe there’s more ways to believe. I think believing is counting on something that gives you strength. That can be when you have a united friendsgroup. You can believe in the good of people. You can believe the world will get better. You can believe in yourself. It’s all about positive energy and we have to pass it on. We all have to find our own way of believing. We have to share it, we have to get united. Because once the world believes in the positive it will become positive. 

    I don’t believe things cause people tell me, because I read it on books or hear it on the news. I believe things when I think it’s the truth, I believe no gossips, but I believe in chats and stories. Cause even the most beautiful things can be told as an evil story. That’s just the world, there’s always two sides and it’s up to us to chose the best one. 

    I don’t just think or just follow my feelings. I combine them, if I think its right and it feels  right, then I’m okay with it. So that’s me I guess hmmmm, I feel like I forgot something. Did I let something out?? Please tell me haha. 

    Have a great day for the rest! And I’ll talk to you soon! ❤️



    P. S. This was my style for the first communion:

    Summer make up

    Goodmorning! Glad you’re here! 

    Today I wanted to share my summer make up with you. Well, my new summer make up. 

    This one is my bronzing powder. Light and a little darker. It gives my face the summer teint so I love it. 

    This one is my new waterproof mascara. ‘rock couture’ from catrice. I love the design and it’s an easy one to bring on. I like to combine it with (glitter eye liner and some eye shadow,as you can see). 

    This is my favourite lipstick. It’s a pretty heavy one, but I wanted a matt lipstick 💄. And this was the most beautiful summer Colour ☀️. 

    This was my make up look yesterday. Seen by a lot of boys, who are the friends of my colleague.  They came for the night, at my work. Wich was awkward because last year, I had been texting with one of those boys and we kissed. So it’s never gonna be as it was and I guess he likes to act like I dont exist. And his best friend acted mad. So yeah girl trouble, and it drives me crazy. Not that they care.. Yeah I was hoping that when I woke up, I wouldn’t mind anymore. But I still mind and care. Holy crap,  I hate to admit that I’m still not over him. But I just did that. I hate myself  for it. 

    So if ever any boy reads this, I hope not the guy were this is all about. Please don’t play with a girls heart. Don’t pretend to love and then dump her. Even when you weren’t in a relationship letting down is still letting down. I know you might sleep even well, but what if that girl is somewhere crying herself to sleep e-ve-ry night. Think,  before you break her (heart). Please be human, be good and don’t do that to  her!  

    So well raise your hand if you’ve been heartbroken by a boy and it made you stronger. Raise your hand if you are a strong independent women. Raise your hand if you don’t wanna let someone that doesn’t love you steal your heart anymore. I hope you can raise your hand for those. And if you’re a guy, well I wish you feel good and independent too. 

    And in the end I wish for you to find your one and only true love, that’s meant to be and to Last forever. ❤️

    Have an awesome day! And please smile 🙂



    Motivating  myself 

    Hey there, 

    Sorry I’m a little late, my mom is ill, so I had to take care of my little  sisters. But they’re in school now. 

    I changed my attitude a little. I decided to be okay with myself. When I look in the mirror I wanna see what others tell me. I wanna be able to compliment myself. I wanna see the good and beauty in me. 

    Yesterday I went skating and caught two boys watching me. It was then that I realised I was being myself, and still they noticed me. 

    These are my skates. I’ve ran quite some kilometers with those. I love it rather than walking, cause it goes  faster and it gives me a cool feeling, like letting go of the past and fighting for the finish or something like that. 

    This is my current hair colour thanks to the sun. I wanted it lighter and it looks like the sun was willing to help me. I hope it gets more light on my holiday so I don’t have to dye it. 

    This is my cute vintage backpack. I totally like it😍
    And this is my self-created choker. It says good in yellow. It suits my blousse⚡. And I think everyone should think of themselves as a good person, cause you were brave enough for not giving up. 

    Be proud  and fierce like lightning and smile to yourself in the mirror. It would also be great to make a selfie every morning, with you smiling! You’ll start your day positive and it’s been proved that smiling makes us happier! So please do so, cause you diserve to be happy! 

    A little bit short of stuff, but this was it for today. I’m gonna continue acting like a mother(for my sisters) and I hope you have a good day. And become more selfsecure, if you weren’t already. Though I think you van always improve your selfworth. 

    Thank you for reading, hope it brought you something! 

    Xoxo 🙂 


    Mystery blogger award

    Good  morning! 

    Well, I hope it’s a good one for you, cause I’m too tired to get out off my bed. And I have to get out 😭. But I am also happy because Elline Andreana nominated me for this award! If you haven’t already, please go and check out her blog. It’s lovely. 

    Elline Andre

    Gotta keep on being on the run ’cause I wanna live without a line, between the moon and sun

    First of all the  rules. I’m sorry it’s a picture, but I need to save time this morning. 

    Three facts about me:

    1. I didn’t go to school for half a year. And I will start on a new one in September. #socialwork 

    2 . I love animals ❤️ except for spiders. I was never scared for thise untill a few years ago. I guess it’s something physical, but I haven’t figured it out yet. 

    3. I still sleep with a teddybeer. And that while I’ll be 18 in 11 days. I set myself the rule, that I’m allowed to sleep with the teddybear for as long as I’m single. So that will be for a long time haha. 

    Here’s my 5 questions for you. (cause I have under 20 followers, so you as reader are nominated and I still follow the  rules!)

    1. What’s your best memory from primary school? 

    2.who’s your favourite writer? 

    3. Who’s the tallest in your family? 

    4.what’s the best life lesson you ever learned? 

    5. What country do you wanna visit (next)?  

    So if everything went well I must have followed the rules. I couldn’t find questions for me in the blog where I got nominated so I guess this is it. 

    (I  don’t have a favourite blog of mine) 

    Now I gotta run to get myself ready in time. Have a good day!!! 




    Things to write

    Hello there, good that you’re online. Cause that means that you’re still alive. And hopefully you’re feeling good. I just finished breakfast, I’m still in my pyjamas. All because I could sleep as long as I wanted (but I’m still tired 😢). Anyways, this blog is about yesterday. 

    I started yesterday with making my 9weeks planner. I wrote everything I have to do or join the coming 9 weeks. My diary was already there. Everything in red is a special nice thing/party/event. Green is about giving some lessons or having some lessons. And blue is for my work (and the waves of the sea for my holiday!). And black, of course is for the days themselves. 

    When I came back from work, I ate and went to my room. This is the  song I wrote down today. The  chords above the sentences are in purple, like the title. On the left side it says if it’s the verse, hook, bridge or chorus. I wrote so little to make it fit on one page. 

    Then this was the first quote I wrote yesterday. I love these colours. 

    A cat related quote, especially for you 🙂 

    Then this flower I made myself (without an example). And I thought the text would fit in. I guess it did. 

    This one is for everyone going through rough times, or considering to give up on something. Keep your head up. You are a princess or a prince, don’t let anyone take your self-worth from you. 

    This quote is from GIRLBOSS, I like that serie a lot! But there’s only one season yet… 

    And last but not  least, I wrote 100 sums for my little sister, as an excersice for a test. She failed the last one and has to do it over. I’m trying my best to motivate her, but she actually doesn’t care about  school at all. 

    So that was it for this morning. Have a lovely  day and feel free to comment! Wich one was your favourite writing? 



    My 10 Summer favourites 

    Hey guys, sorry I didn’t write one more blog yesterday. I was even more tired than that day before. But right now  I’m gonna give you a foto blog from my summer favourites. I love the summer, and my summer wouldn’t be complete without these. 

    1.this hairstyle. I tried it for the first time, yesterday. And I love the  way it looks. Its perfect for warm days, cause it’s all in a bun and it looks chic. 

    2.bands. Ancle or wrist, I love all those bands. To combine with my clothes an shoes. It gives me a summervibe. 

    3. I had to mention the sun rise. Even though the sun wakes me up, I love this view, the picture is taken from my room😍. 

    4.eastpack backpack. Now this one makes me totally overrated happy. I’m sure I’ll take it with me on my holiday. I love the design, the colours and the  fact that I barely saw someone with this bag. 

    5. My 7/8 jeans. This one is perfect for a day at work. When the weather is warm, but not warm enough for shorts. 

    6. these colours. These colours just make me smile. I think they look happy and sweet together . 

    7. Mc flurry M&M. Need to say no more. Right? 

    8.this snapchat filter, love at first sight. The bubbles are so cool and also cute somehow haha. 

    9. Water to swim. And sand or grass for sunbathing and relaxing. Including a friend.  That’s all it takes for a perfect summer day. 

    10.this radio, it’s old fashioned, but I love vintage hehe. I love the sound it produces, perfect for the beach. 

    That was it for today. 13 days left till I’m 18.and 45 days left till my holiday. Can’t wait <3. I figured it would be the best for me, to write my blog in the morning. It helps me to wake up,  makes me start the day happy and I’m  always up too early so it should be no problem. 

    I ‘ll catch up with you later. Have a lovely day!!! 




    Hey guys, thanks for reading this already. And I’m sorry I didn’t write yesterday. In fact I think I did you a favor by not writing yesterday. That’s because I was so tired and full of pain from  an obstacle run I joined the other day and from my (bleeding) piercing, that I would have complained too much. 

    So I set my alarm at 7oo to write this blog. The pain of yesterday will probably be worse today. But if you would ask me if I would do it again, the answer would still be yes. Anyway, here we go, I’ll write about the subject now. 

    Its all about my hairstyle from yesterday, people told me it was really nice  and artistic. What do you think of it? I was satisfied, but it’s still not perfect. 

    Here’s what I did:

    First I made a little braid, started on the left, all the way to the right. Then I finished the braid, without using extra hair, so the last  piece of the braid was hanging loose. 

    Second I put my head upside down and made a braid starting below and ended half way my head. I did add a little bit if hair every time so it looks very chique. 

    Third Then I took all the hair together (the little braid on the forehead, the braid from the backside and the rest)  and put it in a bun, as you can see. I made it a little messy, so it doesn’t look too overrated for  my work. 

    I hope you liked this one. If there’s any questions, I’ld be happy to answer them! Please let me know in the comments what your favourite hairstyle is, what hairstyle you’ld wanna learn or what you think of this hairstyle. 

    I wish you a lovely day and hope to post another blog tonight. Thank you so much for reading and feel free to comment down below :). I’m gonna get ready for  work haha. 



    Designing and organizing ideas

    Hello there, how do you feel? 

    Today I’m trying to inspire you with some organising and designing ideas. Hope you’ll enjoy it! 

    The first picture of all is my magnetic whiteboard (on top of this page). As you can see it’s totally filled with papers and underneath those papers there’s notes. I know, too bad, but it still looks more tidy then when those papers are all over the floor or over my desk. 

    Then there’s a picture of my sink, well whats under my sink. I love the little closet wich is filled with cosmetics and underwear haha. For the rest there’s my make up on the right side, separated by foundation stuff, lipstick stuff and eye liner/mascara stuff. Totally on the right side there’s a lot of place for my socks and stuff for my hair. 

    Then this closet fits exactly, inbetween my bed and the  wall. The light box gives a special effect and makes it look cosy in a Cool way. At least that’s my opinion. The laundry basket on the left  has a catchy design and is very usefull. 

    The wooden poppit, I use for drawing, also looks good as a piece of art. The little stool I use for playing guitar, adds some fresh pastel kinda colour. The roses are dried but still standing fierce. The lamp is a industrial design wich is totally populair. On the left is my radio/cd player. The pink one is a music speaker, I love the colour and design with a handle. 

    This is my sitting corner on my bed. Just easily designed with two cushions and a mosquito net. (did you see the land map on the wall??) 

    A staple of book always looks interesting, don’t you think? My earphones lay there too, cause there would  be no life for me without music. And I allow myself to have one pair of shoes next to my bed. I think these silver ones are fancy. 

    I always have plants on my room. They’re good for the oxigen and they give it a natural look. I putted them together with some other things. On the right there’s a black candle in the shape of a building, isn’t that lovely? And what about my view? 

    And last but not least my dart board, this is the back side, wich I love the most. For the black and white circles, and only the middle red. The hanging plant is one of  my favorites, for the colour and the bungling. 

    This wasn’t my entire room, but I hope I gave you some inspiration. After my 18th birthday I will start painting my room. There will be no more blue and red. It will all be white and some pastel colours and black. So my room will totally change for sure, as it does almost every two months🙈. 

    Feel free to create your own designs and organise in your own way. It has to work for you  and make you happy. It’s you room, so your choise and your style. I’m sure it’s lovely. (even when it’s  messy 😉 ) 

    Have a lovely night! 

    Talk to you soon 🙂 



    Learning to play guitar

    Hey there, good evening! 

    I am almost leaving, going to the cinema #baywatch. I’m wearing glitter mascara (yeah it’s all about the details). And this is my OOTD. 

    What do you think about it? It’s just so warm, right now  it’s 19.37 and even with these short clothes it’s way too hot. Or maybe I had to much sun on me today, since I fell asleep sunbathing. Order to myself: don’t do that again, cause you’ll wake up as a zombie. After that I went inside, where the temperature was more cool. And then I fell asleep on the  couch. I know looks like I’m a sleepy head. I woke up as a zombie again. It’s because I have a lack of sleep, because of the warm weather. I can only sleep when it’s cooled down outside, I have to leave my windows open and the curtains too. So when it’s morning  either the early birds at 5.00 wake me up, the sun that warms me and my bed, or my screaming little sisters. So I end up sleeping late or later and wake up at the same time every day. Well, that’s the price I have to pay for by this wonderfull season. I love it anyway and always will🌞. 

    But I have to write about starting to play guitar 🎸. I will write down some advice, from my experiences ubtill now. (I play guitar for almost a year now) 

    1. Dare to start! Even if you don’t have any feeling for rythm (like me) , that doesn’t matter. As long as you’re motivated. 

    2. G chord first! I took 10 lessons for a beginner. And we started with the G-chord. You’ll think it’s hard in the start. But it helps you to learn the other chords  better.

    A chord is when you put your fingers of your one hand on the upside of the strings  (with the freds).   the  other hand will produce the sound on the downside of the strings.

    3. Song title+chords! Start with lyrics+chords for beginners. That sounds stupid, but if you just google a song you’ll get some pretty difficult ones, unbearable at the start. 
    4. Playing =practicing! Play every day, even if it’s only a few minutes. Every day you’ll get a little bit more feeling for it. Though there will be days when it simply doesn’t work out. Remember even the  most famous artists had those days. Take a break for one or two days. And you’ll be just fine. 

    5. Nails? Make sure the nails of your ‘play hand’ is short-cut. 

    6. Plectrum? Decide  if you want to use a plectrum for strumming or if you wanna do it just with your hand (I don’t use a plectrum cause I’m scared I’ll forget to take it with me if I wanna play  for someone) . In the last  case, it’s easier with long nails on that hand. 

    7. What guitar? Do you already have a guitar? If not, you might wanna start borrowing one, in case you don’t want to continue. If you’re sure the guitar is the instrument you wanna play, then I’d advice you to start with a more cheap one. Also that sounds pretty awfull, but it’s good to kearn how to handle a guitar first. You have to get used to its shape and weight. And when it falls, it won’t immediately break your heart if its a cheaper guitar. Also you can set yourself a goal for being capable of playing for example ten songs. It gives you time to find out you ur favourite guitar, to save money and to get used to the guitar in general. 

    8. Songs… Don’t play one song for ten days. You’ll get sick of the song and it becomes boring. Look up some songs you totally love and check out some tutorials on Internet. 

    9. Your favourite style? What do you like most? 

    Strumming? You play  with chords. You play a pattern of hitting the strings up and down and in different ways. So for example: DDU UDU you can try that one (or you can make you own pattern :)) 

    Fingerpicking? You also use chords and in stead of strumming, you pick the strings one by one. Sometimes more strings at one time. 

    Riffs? Those are the melodies in a song. You play a certain fred of a string and pick that string with the other end. 

    You play everything in an electric guutar and an acoustic guitar. I use the electruc guitar for rock songs only. 

    10. Write down the lyrics and the chords. It’s so much easier if you know what to sing, so you only have to pay attention to the chords. 

    I wanna apologize for  every time I use the wrong words, I’m Dutch, so I don’t really see my own mistakes. So feel free to correct me. 

    Also this blog was a little bit longer then I wanted to, sorry I didn’t write just about playing guitar, I just thought I should tell you guys about my day and details. Don’t ask me why, cause I already regret it. 

    Anyway I hope I didn’t disappoint you too much. Have a lovely evening. And if I did somehow motivate you to start playing guitar, please let me know how it goes! 




    Hey there, 

    How are you holding up? Are you full of action at the  moment? Or were you in a day dream? 

    I wanna talk about dreams and dreaming. There’s two ways to look at them. You have those dreams or nightmares that come to you when you’re asleep. And there’s dreams like goals you want to achieve. 

    Let’s talk about both. First the sleeping  version. Every time I dream something extreme (I always dreamed that people were chasing me and tried to kill me) I tell my mom. Mostly she comes up with an explanation. And I always have my own explanation. I always think back about what happened that day and how I used it in my dreams. It’s all about symbolics. My mom also told me to write them down. So I did that a few times. It’s wonderfull how you can write things down and then all of a sudden it makes perfect sense. And if not you can always look it up on the internet. There’s a lot of pages about your dreams and nightmares. It might help you to solve problems (maybe you didn’t even realise you have them) and get rid of your nightmares. 

    So the second version of dreaming is the one made of thoughts and believe. A dream is something you wanna reach soo bad. It’s something that will chase you, cause you can’t let go. A dream is there when you feel good and when you feel bad. A dream is something to hold on to. And if people tell you it’s impossible, let them talk. Wait for their faces when you tell them how  you made your way to your dream(s). Make the impossible possible. Make the unbelievable persons suprised. Cause dreams live in your heart. And you diserve the hapiness💛

    I have an extra version of dreaming myself. It’s to make me feel good, just like making up little stories , but then with things and people from my life. It’s also perfect when you’re bored. Or when you want to fantasize how your crush becomes more  than just a crush 😉 

    This was my blog today, sorry that it’s so short. I just feel like I’m gonna ruin it if I write more. 

    Hope you guys have sweet dreams! And manage to make your dreams come true! (and get rid of your nightmares..) 

    Thanks for reading ❤️

    Talk to you later 🙂 



    Good evening!! ❤

    Well at least, it’s 23.00 over here. Normally I would be in bed already, but the days are so warm, and my room is on the second floor (so it takes some time before it cools down).

    I hope you’re all doing great ( not good, but GREAT 😉 )
    I’m gonna talk about shopping today. And there’s like two kind of people, those who love it and those who hate it, am I right or not? Well maybe you’re an inbetweener, like you love it when you find the right things that fit you and elsewhise you hate it. Might be.

    Anyway, I’m terrified to admit it, but I’m actually a shop-aholic. Don’t be scared, it’s not contagious. I’m the type that loves fashion, but is not willing to pay lots of money for a brand. I love to create my own style, to combine items and I mostly go to circuit shops (second-hand shops). I love those shops. There’s like so many items from different people. So many untold stories there. I love those shops mostly, when they also have furniture and such a things. I mostly find what I need. And mostly it’s something that no one else has (I love that, I just like to be original). I can buy complete outfits (skirt/trousers+shirt+shoes) there for the same amount of one single shirt in a regular shop. And if I have clothes I don’t wear anymore, I can bring them there, someone else will be happy with it and I have a little bit extra money (to spend:p).

    As you can see down, I bought myself an alternative rock outfit. The shorts is black leather, the shirt is from ACDC (!) and the necklace, well I think that one is just totally cool.

    So when I was in the citty, I also got my first piercing (:o)!!!
    On the right side. It’s so much more painfull then my normal earrings, but I love it anyway. Like they say, beauty comes with pain. Do you like my piercing? And do you have one/ more yourself?? Maybe I’ll write a blog about piercings and tatoos some day, hmmm, what do you think?

    Talking about shopping and fashion, I had to show you guys a picture of my OOTD.
    Yeah, there it is, first time I mention an outfit of the day in my blogs. I got a lot of compliments for the dress, it has crossed straps on the back.
    Unfortunately the shoes hurt, so I have to say goodbye to them. :,(

    As you can see, I wear an ankle band, I have a black one, this yellow one, a white one and a light blue one… I wear them almost every day in summer. It’s a great way to give your outfit something extra, without overrating. It’s great with a dress, but also with a stretched up pair of trousers.

    So my shopping advice is the following:

    ONE go to cheaper stores, especially when you’re shop addicted. But when you hate shopping, there’s more money left to spend on things that you do love!

    TWO plan when you go for shopping, only if you need something. And take someone with you, especially when you hate shopping, choose someone who cheers you up and has a good look on fashion. You might be suprised how someone can get you excited for clothes.

    THREE if you don’t like shopping, combine it with eating an ice cream or sitting on a terrace. you’re allowed to be proud of yourself, when you’re shopping while you hate it.

    FOUR Always ask yourself if you’ll wear it. Then ask yourself if you need it. If not, think about, if you might replace it for something in your wardrobe. If not, can you combine it well with other items in your closet?

    FIVE is it your own size? isn’t it to tight or to wide, cause those things mostly end up at the bottom of your closet, wich you don’t want to spend money for.

    SIX  When you’re in doubt, imagine that you don’t buy it, and ask yourself if you’ll regret it then.

    SEVEN Ask opinions from the seller, from a friend or family member or even a stranger. Maybe strangers’opinions are the best, cause they only see if it looks good on you. They don’t look if it fits your personality, they see how you look in it and how you’re feeling about it. (Well, if they are interrested…)

    EIGHT If you look at it, it’s supposed to give you a smile on your face, maybe even make you do a little dance ;).

    NINE Choose something that you like, without thinking about others. Cause you have to create your own style, find your own personal fitting items. And then, it might eventually become fun. And that’s the moment when it gets dangerous, and you might end up addicted. I warn you hehe.

    TEN Wear your new products with proud. Cause you diserve it and you look good in it.


    Hopefully those tips where a little bit helpfull! Please leave a thumb up in the comment if you love shopping and a thumb down if you hate it.
    Feel free to give other comments, reactions, opinions, feelings, you might even start a discussion. ANYTHING, please let your voice be heard.

    It’s 23.45 now and my eyes feel like they’re gonna let me down. So let me finish this quick. Sleep tight and see you tommorow 🙂








    Collecting something

    Hey there, 

    How are you? Did you have a good day? I really do hope so! 

    Today I wanna have a little talk about collections. I’m a big fan of collections. And also really interrested in collections of other people. 

    One of my collections, is a coint collection. I don’t know anyone who collects them, but I do. So every time I go to a store and get change, I’m excited to see if there’s a new one. 

    I live in the Netherlands, so we have European money. As you can see in the picture I separated them by country. 

    I can’t wait to travel to another continent, not just for the coints, believe me I’d just love to see more of the world. Well I guess, having more money would make it a lot easier. But for now I just enjoy all the different coints, from all the different countries. Those coints travel all around, I wish I knew who had them before me haha. I just love the idea that we’re kinda connected by money. And I think it’s cool that there are more designs for the coints. 

    This one is from Italy and its  my favourite 🙂 . I love to see it as a man spreading luck on the streets and fields. 

    This one is from Germany, they have a lot of buildings on their coints, wich I think is cool. (and I get a little bit of the culture this way. ) 

    Collecting something gives you something to work for, to look forward to. 

    We are all collecting: thoughts, pictures, quotes, memorie. Doesn’t matter if it’s just in your mind. But it might give you a good feeling if you can hold it in your hands. And you can show it to people. Showing people your collection, is actually showing people a little piece of you. 

    Well I’m scared that I collect too many things 🙈 but at least I love it. I hope to collect a lot of stamps in my passport, eventually. 

    Do you collect something? Like books from your favourite writer? Or (old) post stamps? Or something else? If you feel like it, please let me know! 

    Have a lovely evening everyone! ❤️



    P. S. do you wanna know a little secret? I also collect followers and readers from all over the world. I hope that some day in my life, I follow someone from every single country. And the other way around:). 

    Liebster award

    Hey there!

    I was nominated for the LIEBSTER award! (first time I am nominated, since I actually started writing this blog more then a week ago). But I’m really greatfull and honored. I love the way of showing people they’re beloved and also the reason to ask questions and get to know each other better. So there we go.

    A great thank you to 317_angelkris! Good to get to know you better! You should check out her blog and get inspired :).

    Here are the rules of this award:

    The rules of this award:

    1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
    2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
    3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
    4. Nominate 11 blogs.
    5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
    6. Give them 11 questions to answer

    Here are the questions I got to answer.

    Special questions for me:

    1. People invest time and energy into developing their career, their bodies and their relationships, but often neglect their spiritual dimension of their lives.How do you actively pursue spiritual growth?

    I’m trying to find my way in that. It helpes for me to know, that I’m not alone. I believe in God, and my thoughts are with him. That’s all I can say for now, cause I didn’t get any farther yet.

    2. What is yo